VITO ICT Infrastructure Frame agreement

ICT Security & networking solutions purchasing made simple

Networks & cybersecurity solutions

Thanks to our many years of servicing entities in the Health and Public sector, we understand your specific needs for a secure and resilient IT infrastructure. Our portfolio of IT services ranges from standardized network components to fully integrated solutions.

Networks & ICT infrastructure

Reliable network connections

A fast, stable, and secure network is essential to enhance your company operations.

  • Development of secure private networks
  • Integrated quality of service (QoS)
  • Optimal performance thanks to fiber

Software-defined networks

These networks are driven by a software layer, allowing much easier management.

  • Prioritization of network traffic
  • Integrated security with SASE
  • Seamless integration with MPLS

Fast mobile networks

The productivity of your business goes hand in hand with mobility and accessibility.

  • Best mobile network coverage in Belgium
  • Widest 5G spectrum and customizable private network solutions
  • Indoor coverage specifically for companies

Integrated security

Cyberattacks can bring your organization to a standstill. It's important to implement a company-wide security approach.

  • 350+ security specialists
  • Security Operations Center in Belgium
  • Built-in security on network components (firewalls, anti-DDoS systems, etc.)

Cybersecurity solutions

Proactive security solutions

Dealing proactively with threats increases your ICT resilience and reduces the impact from a cyber incident.

  • More than 350 cybersecurity specialists
  • Integrated security on network components (anti-DDoS, firewalls, ...)
  • Technologically neutral

Crisis communication by SMS

In a crisis, maintaining efficient and automated communication is crucial for quickly informing everyone.

  • User friendly platform
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Pay-as-you-use model

Smart business networks

Network segmentation delivers greater control and visibility over your network infrastructure security.

  • Prioritization of network traffic
  • Integrated security with SASE
  • Seamless integration with MPLS

Protection of mobile devices

Protect your employees, devices and data from ransomware, DDoS attacks and phishing.

  • Secure integration for mobile devices across your network
  • Remote provisioning, data security and stock management
  • Efficient management across device lifecycles that is easy to centralize

Consultancy & Services

Designing your own ICT all by yourself is time-consuming. Outsourcing can help increase your ICT department's focus on their core business.

  • Guidance and advice, from strategy to deployment, including Managed Services
  • Support in key areas: security, cloud, workspace...
  • 800 certified experts

NIS 2 Directive

Strengthening Cyber resilience of the Public and Healthcare Sectors in Belgium

Since 16 January 2023, the NIS 2 Directive has been in effect, replacing its predecessor, NIS 1. But what’s the buzz all about?

  1. Wider Scope:
    NIS 2 casts a broader net, covering not only essential sectors but also healthcare entities, manufacturers of medical devices, and more.
  2. Cybersecurity Vigilance:
    It compels national governments to prioritize cybersecurity, ensuring robust protection for critical infrastructure.
  3. European Cooperation:
    NIS 2 fosters collaboration among cybersecurity authorities across the EU, strengthening our collective defense.
  4. Incident Reporting:
    Main operators in key industries must take security measures and promptly report incidents.

Prepare for the future! Contact Proximus NXT to navigate NIS 2's complexities and safeguard your digital landscape. Don’t wait - security waits for no one!

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