Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which can be stored on your computer or your mobile device upon your visit to websites. In this text file, information is stored, such as your language preference relating to a website. The next time you visit the website, this cookie will be resent to the website. This allows the website to recognize your browser and, for example, to remember your language preference. Cookies usually have an expiration date. For instance, some cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser (the so-called session cookies), while others remain on your computer for a longer time, sometimes until you delete them manually (the so-called persistent cookies).

Cookies can be installed by the server of the website you visit or by partners of that website. A website's server can only read the cookies it has installed itself, and has no access to other information found in your computer or mobile device. Cookies are stored in the folder of your browser on your computer or mobile device. A cookie usually consists of the name of the server that placed the cookie, an expiry date, and a unique number code.

Cookies generally make the interaction between the visitor and the website faster and easier, and help the visitor navigate between the different parts of a website. Cookies can also be used to make the content oradvertisement on a website more relevant for the visitor, and can be adapted to his personal taste and needs.

Who installs these cookies?

  • First-party cookies are installed and managed by Proximus. They are specific to the Proximus website that is visited or the Proximus application that is used.
  • Third-party cookies are installed and managed by a third party. They are installed during your visit to a Proximus website or use of a Proximus application. They ensure that your visit to the Proximus website or application results in certain information being sent to third parties

How long do cookies exist?

  • Temporary cookies (or “session” cookies) are temporarily stored in your browser or application. As soon as you close your browser or application, these cookies are automatically deleted.
  • Permanent cookies (or “persistent” cookies) remain on your computer or mobile device, even after you close the browser or the app. They make it possible to recognize you during a subsequent visit to the website. They remain on your device until their expiration date is reached, a new version of the cookie is installed, or you delete them manually.

What kinds of cookies are used by Proximus?

Different kinds of cookies are used on Proximus' websites and in its apps. The use of the type of cookies may vary depending on the app. Moreover, a cookie may have multiple purposes.

  • Necessary cookies: these cookies are indispensable for visiting our websites and apps. and using certain parts of the websites. For instance, they allow you to navigate between the different parts of the websites and apps, fill in forms, place orders, and maintain the contents of your shopping cart. Even when you log in with your personal account, e.g. on the portal page of Proximus Pickx or MyProximus, these cookies are needed to check your identity in a secure way before you are granted access to your personal data. If you refuse these cookies, certain parts of the website/app will not work, or will not work optimally.
  • Functional cookies: functional cookies are cookies that make it easier for our websites and apps to work, make them more pleasant for visitors, and ensure that you have a more personalized browsing experience. For example, these cookies can remember your language choice and customer segment, or whether you were already asked to participate in a survey so that you are not asked again the next time you visit the website. When you log into MyProximus, a cookie is installed in your browser that allows us to recognize you as a visitor to our website and adapt the content on our website to your personal situation, including if you are not logged into MyProximus during a subsequent visit.
  • Analysis cookies: we use analysis cookies to obtain information about visitors' use of our websites and apps (pages visited, average duration of visit, …) in order to improve the content of our websites and apps, adapt them to the wishes of visitors, and make them more user-friendly. For instance, there is a cookie that counts the number of unique visitors, and a cookie that keeps track of the most popular pages. For analyses of the use made of our websites/apps we also rely on Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics and Hotjar, which use cookies for this as well.
    These cookies can be anonymous, as well as non-anonymous. The use of non-anonymous cookies for analysis purposes is subject to your prior consent. You can refuse the installation of such cookies on your device by changing your cookie settings via the cookie manager.
  • Advertisement cookies: advertising cookies collect information about your browsing habits with the aim of offering you advertising or content that falls within your sphere of interest. If you are a Proximus customer, your customer data (i.e. address, age interests, order history) can be used to determine the best suited Proximus online ad to display for you, unless you opted-out from the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes. For more information please see our privacy policy:
    1. Cookies for remarketing
      The Proximus websites/apps use cookies which, based on the pages you visit on this website/app, keeps a tally of the products or services you may be interested in. Through these cookies and with the tools of the Google advertising network (Google AdWords, Google Analytics, the Google Display Network and DoubleClick) and the Facebook advertising network (Facebook, Instagram) we can show you ads on other websites that are part of these advertising networks for products and services you may be interested in. This technique is called "remarketing".
    2. Cookies for own advertisements or third party advertisements
      Proximus operates an online advertisement network, via a.o. Proximus Pickx and websites. When you visit these websites, Proximus collects socio-demographic details and profile data and stores them in an advertisement cookie. Via cookies (a.o. from Google or Criteo) and web beacons Proximus also collects information on your surfing behavior on various other websites which form part of its advertisement network. The information collected via these advertisement cookies and web beacons is used to measure the efficiency of the advertising and to tailor the advertisements to your potential interests, not only on our websites but also on other websites which form part of the advertisement network.
    3. Cookies for content from third parties
      In addition to the cookies installed by Proximus upon your visit to our websites, third parties can install cookies when you visit Proximus sites. Our web pages may contain content from third parties, such as videos (Youtube), audio fragments,(Soundcloud), … news content. Since your browser connects those third parties’ web servers to retrieve that content, those third parties are able to set or read their own cookies on your device and collect information about your online activities via web services or online services. The use of cookies for advertising purposes is subject to your prior consent. So you can refuse the installation of such cookies on your device by changing your cookie settings via the cookie manager.
    4.  Sharing cookie information with third parties for targeted online advertising.
      If you have accepted the use of cookies to display targeted advertisements in the cookie manager:

      • Proximus may share information collected on its sites via cookies with selected partners to show you ads that are more relevant to you. Partners will only receive your cookie ID. No other identifying information will be shared.
      • As part of the partnership with Ads & Data, cookies are used to show you relevant ads related to your interests for third-party advertisers on Proximus and non-Proximus sites. If you consent to the use of these cookies and you are a Proximus customer, your customer data will be used (e.g. address, age, interests, order history, etc.) if you have previously consented to the use of your data for personalised advertising via Ads & Data. For more information please consult Ads & Data platform policyNew window.

      The above processing is carried out based on your consent. If you wish to withdraw it, you can do so by means of the cookie manager.

  • Other trackers than cookies (Web beacon, pixel, javascript…):
    Some of our web pages may collect information about your behaviour on our website (eg. product in your shopping cart, actual purchase of our Proximus product) if you accept the relevant cookie consent (“Proximus and third parties to display targeted advertisements”). This information might be shared with third parties like Facebook in order to improve the effectiveness of our own digital advertising campaigns by for example, including our customers to promote specific Proximus offers or by excluding them from campaigns promoting a product they already have or for which they are not eligible (eg. fiber)..

Through this link you can find an up-to-date list of the cookies Proximus uses, who installs them and for which purposes.

Through this link you can change your cookie settings for the Proximus websites.

What is the impact of your cookie preference?

If you select a preference on the website domain, then this preference applies to all websites with “” in the address, as well as to the online advertisement network managed by Proximus. If you use multiple browsers,(e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome), then you must select a preference for each browser separately.

In case you decide to withdraw your cookie consent for any reason, your choice will be taken into account on our Proximus sites but unfortunately we cannot spread this information to third parties such as Google, Soundcloud... We recommend that you delete your cookies from your browser to make sure those 3rd parties can’t continue to track you outside of the Proximus environment.

How can I see what cookies have been installed on my device and how can I delete/manage them?

Data transfers

When Proximus carries out the activities described above, it shares your personal data with subcontractors and partners. They may process personal data in countries where data protection may not offer an essentially equivalent level of data protection as the EU does, but we make sure that they put appropriate safeguards in place before transferring your personal data.