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Internet & Wi-Fi

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Internet Maxi at instead of €51.99 39.99 /month during 1 year

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Internet Start

Essentials for everyone
What do I get?
  • 100 GB/month
  • Stable & fast connection with Smart Wi-Fi

27.50 /month
Installation fee: €59

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instead of €51.99 39.99 /month during 12 months

So a total advantage of €144!

This promotion includes:

Promo discount only available online:
-€12 /month during 12 months. Promo only available for new Internet subscribers

If you order online, you will pay:
  • €39.99 during 12 months
  • €51.99, as of the 13th month of subscription

Internet Maxi

The perfect choice for family
What do I get?
  • Unlimited volume
  • Stable & fast connection with Smart Wi-Fi
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instead of €51.99 39.99 /month
during 1 year
Installation fee: €59

More advantages in a Flex pack!

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Configure your pack the way you want it. Combine your unlimited internet with TV, add a mobile subscription or landline and enjoy a nice promo:

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As from  instead of €59.99 0 /month during 2 months

epic kot

You’re a student? Surf and stream from your student room with Epic kot

As from instead of €27.5020/month during 1 year


Our fastest network available, with ultra-low latency and sharper images than ever before

Smart Wi-Fi you can count on

A rock-solid connection is more important than ever. Your Wi-Fi doesn’t just connect your home; it connects you with loved ones. Enjoy peak performances and stay in touch, whichever room you're in. Head out the door and your Wi-Fi switches automatically to Public Wi-Fi so you can seamlessly continue to surf.

Our Wi-Fi is a powerful one, but it could have trouble coming through in well isolated homes. You can easily muscle your Wi-Fi with a Wi-Fi Booster and keep all nooks and crannies covered.

The most complete subscription for you

Always connected

Safety first

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More than 1,366,000 customers have chosen Proximus as their Internet provider


"I recently moved, and the changeover went perfectly. As from the first day, immediately internet in the new house and super friendly and helpful technician."

Laurence, 52, Huy


"Perfect service, impeccable quality, very good connection, never any bad surprises. I am very satisfied."

Martin, 28, Sint-Niklaas

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  1. After ordering your internet online, you receive a confirmation sent to the email address you provided us.

Frequently asked questions

Your needs evolve over time. Why wouldn't your Internet subscription? With Internet, you can change your rate plan whenever you want.

If you experience poor coverage or slow Wi-Fi, you can improve the quality of your network! Some easy tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your Wi-Fi at home.

Don't have an Internet connection anymore? Read on and follow our tips. They will enable you to resolve most problems.

If you want to switch to Proximus and change your internet provider, the easiest way is to use Easy Switch. We will take care of your transfer for you.

Want to surf via Public Wi-Fi in Belgium? Select the device you want to connect with and follow the steps.

Internet Start and Maxi are subscriptions for fixed internet and Wi-Fi at home, there is no SIM card included. For surfing on the move on your laptop or tablet, we recommend  Mobile Internet subscriptions.

What is Wi-Fi, how to connect to it, configure it or make it faster? All info about this wireless solution in our practical guide.

Web promo:

  • From 15/11/2021 to 31/01/2022 included, for all new Internet subscribers who take out an Internet Maxi subscription.
  • Monthly discount of €11/month for the first 12 months. Thereafter, you pay the normal price.
  • Not compatible with other promotions, except for the joint offer of a smartphone with a mobile subscription and the DataPhone option.
  • Proximus reserves the right to extend or stop this offer earlier.

The Terms and Conditions and Pricelist & tariffs apply.

Installation fee: €59
If necessary, a technician can come by and install everything at no extra charge.

Conditions valid only on the copper network (not Fiber)

Unlimited data volume

Personal and normal use, see the General Terms and Conditions. After using 3 TB, your speed will be limited to the end of the month, unless you activate your free 300 GB extra volume via MyProximus. More information:

Info about speed

The indicated maximum speed is a theoretical speed for a fixed Internet connection, which not all customers can reach in practice. Your download speed at home depends mainly on the distance between the connection point and the exchange, the availability of VDSL, your computer installation and the indoor cabling. Only if these conditions are optimal you will be able to benefit from the maximum speed. Use of Wi-Fi can also reduce Web browsing speed.

Internet speed at your home

How do you have an internet subscription only, without TV or fixed line?

To get an Internet subscription just choose between the 2 Proximus fixed internet subscriptions. Compare our internet subscriptions:

  • Internet Start: 10 GB
    The Proximus Start fixed internet subscription gives 100 GB per month at a download speed of 50 Mbps and an upload speed of 4 Mbps. But that's not all! Store your precious documents in the Cloud with its 10 GB storage space included in the offer. You also get a 50 GB Mailbox.
  • Internet Maxi: unlimited internet at home
    The Proximus Maxi fixed internet subscription is the perfect subscription for the most active online surfers. You can surf unlimited at a download speed of 100 Mbps and an upload speed of 20 Mbps. The offer also includes 10 GB storage space and a 50 GB Mailbox.

If you change your mind and want to combine internet with tv, mobile or phone, choose a Flex pack.

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