Become Proximus customer quickly and easily with Easy Switch

Published on 22/05/2019 in Service

Become Proximus customer quickly and easily with Easy Switch

Changing operators is really easy now. Using your Easy Switch ID and account number, Proximus takes care of everything from the cancellation and transfer request up to the installation by one of our technicians!

Worry-free switching

Use the Easy Switch procedure to make the switch to Proximus with confidence. The advantages are not to be sneezed at:

  1. Proximus takes care of the cancellation and transfer
  2. Your Internet, TV, etc. are not interrupted
  3. You avoid double billing

We are happy to deal with your transfer

First, have a quick read through the following conditions to ensure you're eligible for Easy Switch.

  • You have at least fixed Internet or TV at the same address. If you opted for a product that is normally reserved for business customers, Easy Switch does not apply.
  • You want to change operators for Internet and/or TV. If you have both services, we'll automatically apply Easy Switch to both. If you want just some of your services to be migrated, you will need to explicitly ask us not to use the Easy Switch procedure.

Do you satisfy the conditions? Great, then you can start the ball rolling!

Your transfer, ready in 1-2-3

Your operator gives you an Easy Switch ID per Internet (/tv), per installation address. Make a quick check of your bill or personal account (My Telenet, myVOO, Customer space or My Orange, etc.).

This code, along with your customer number, is the key that allows Proximus to make the change for you. You will need it when you order via the website, in a Proximus Shop or over the telephone.

Apart from that, you don't have to do anything. We'll contact your previous operator and arrange for your transfer and the installation by a technician.

Contact us right away


Order your products right away and provide your codes when finalizing your order.

Order now

Drop by

Drop into a Proximus Shop: our colleagues will ensure the transfer goes smoothly.

Drop by

By telephone

Call our staff at 0800 55 800: they will guide you in your choice and transfer.

Contact us

Have any questions?

Does Easy Switch also apply to landline and mobile numbers?

Yes. Through the Easy Switch procedure, you can ask, either in our Proximus Shops or by telephone, for your landline and/or mobile numbers to be cancelled, if you are changing operators for your Internet and/or TV and you meet the conditions.

You can also transfer your number(s) to Proximus, in addition to the Easy Switch procedure. You can keep your landline number if you remain in the same zone.

What happens with my options?

If you had options with your previous operator (such as a subscription to watch Belgian football), these will be deactivated together with your Internet and/or TV services. You can add such options with Proximus so you can continue to enjoy them.

I still have an old modem and decoder or unpaid bills. What should I do?

When it comes to modems and decoders, Easy Switch does not change anything; you just return them as normal to your previous operator.

Easy Switch does not exempt you from paying any outstanding amounts you owe to your previous operator, such as (justified) bills that are payable and any penalty if you cancel your contract prematurely, including the residual value of a device you may have obtained as part of a joint offer.

I'm a Proximus customer and will be moving; can I use Easy Switch?

No. If you move and don't change operators, the Easy Switch procedure does not apply.

I don't want to use Easy Switch; what should I do?

Indicate this clearly to Proximus and send a cancellation letter to your current operator.

Any other questions about Easy Switch? Find the answers here!


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