How do you become a customer via Easy Switch?

Want to cancel your contract with another Internet/TV operator to become a Proximus customer? In most cases, we will take the steps required with your old operator: this is the Easy Switch procedure

There are two options:
  • You want to switch to Proximus with your fixed line, TV and Internet subscriptions? If you are a private customer, you can do so with Easy Switch. Business customers can use Easy Switch to switch with certain standard business subscriptions and also with private subscriptions (if any).
    All Internet and/or TV operators are required to mention, for each address, your Easy Switch ID and your customer number on their bill and their personal web space or app (MyTelenet, MyOrange, MyVoo, etc.). On their website, you can check whether your business subscription qualifies for Easy Switch.
    We take care of everything for you:
    1. Please provide us with your Easy Switch ID and customer number when placing your order with Proximus.
    2. On the day of the appointment, our technician will come and install the equipment at your home.
    3. Then, we will immediately take the necessary steps to terminate your products with your current operator.
  • You want to switch for other business subscriptions or only part of your subscriptions as a private customer while keeping TV or Internet? You can't use Easy Switch in that case. You will have to take the necessary steps yourself by sending a cancellation letter .

Yes. Through the Easy Switch procedure, you can ask for your landline and/or mobile numbers to be cancelled, if you are changing operators for your Internet and/or TV and you meet the conditions.

You can also transfer your number(s) to Proximus, in addition to the Easy Switch procedure. You can keep your landline number if you remain in the same zone.

If you had options with your previous operator (such as a subscription to watch Belgian football), these will be deactivated together with your Internet and/or TV services. You can add such options with Proximus so you can continue to enjoy them.

If you have provided us with your Easy Switch identifier and your customer number, the risk of any interruption to your Internet or TV service in the period between your old subscription and your new one is significantly reduced.

When it comes to modems and decoders: just return them to your previous operator.

Easy Switch does not exempt you from paying any outstanding amounts you owe to your previous operator, such as (justified) bills that are payable and any penalty if you cancel your contract prematurely, including the residual value of a device you may have obtained as part of a joint offer.

Yes, if you request this and it is technically possible, for a limited period of time. NB: this means double billing will apply to you for the period in question (30 days maximum).

We are sorry about this. You are automatically entitled to a compensation of:

  • €30 if our technician did not come by within the agreed time frame.
  • €10/day if you had no access to your Internet, TV or phone for more than 1 business day because of the switch.

You are also entitled, at your explicit request, to a compensation of €6/day for delayed activation of Proximus services. Please contact our Customer Service about this.

No. If you move and don't change operators, the Easy Switch procedure does not apply. But moving your Proximus productsOpens a new window is easy.

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