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Proximus multiplies its gifts and surprises for Business clients: extra mobile data, team buildings for your employees, seminars to boost your business, concert tickets, ... Combine work and pleasure thanks to our loyalty program Enjoy!


Network & Innovation

Proximus is rolling out Fiber and 5G for the self-employed, SMEs and enterprises. This network is ready for the future and welcomes all your great business ideas. Because you know what to do with them even better than we do.

Wondering how Fiber and 5G can boost your business? Find out right away.

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Imagine a sudden interruption of your network or connection in your neighborhood, or even your business suspended by a new health crisis? Every entrepreneur's nightmare!  And because we always want to offer you solutions, discover solid guarantees to keep your business running.

Your 5 guarantees for your business

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Sell your products no matter what happens

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Having a nomadic and efficient business, it is possible!

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Digitalise your business like a pro

Digital is a godsend for your company: you’re open for business round the clock. But digital has even more benefits to offer. Are you ready to take the plunge?

Place your trust in our digital solutions and our experts!

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