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5 /month

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Surf wherever and whenever you want!

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You have a mobile subscription in a Pack

With Proximus Public Wi-Fi you are connected via Wi-Fi everywhere, this without extra charges. Just connect your device to Public Wi-Fi whenever and wherever you want.

You only have a mobile subscription

No problem, you can take Public Wi-Fi as an option on your mobile subscription.

5 /month

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The Terms and Conditions and Pricelist & tariffs apply.

Access to Public Wi-Fi

  • With Proximus Internet you enjoy an optimal experience on-the-go free of charge thanks to Public Wi-Fi. You get an additional access for each mobile subscription in your Pack. You can activate Public Wi-Fi on your tablet or smartphone via the MyProximus App.
  • Every mobile in Pack has its own Public Wi-Fi volume. If you use the volume linked to your Internet subscription, it will be deducted from your monthly fixed Internet usage allowance. In case you exceed your usage allowance the connection won't be cut but Proximus will reduce your surfing speed to 128 Kbps.
  • Don't have free access to Public Wi-Fi? Then you can take Public Wi-Fi as an option for €5/month.

Your modem (b-box) as a Wi-Fi Hotspot for other users

  • Proximus limits the number of visitors using your Wi-Fi Hotspot as well as their usage. There's therefore no noticeable impact on the quality of your private connection. The TV connection quality is also ensured as this signal always has priority. All people who surf the Net via your secure hotspot are responsible for their own actions. As such, you're not under any circumstances responsible for any unauthorized use that other people may make over your modem - provided that modem is protected. Protecting your network with a password
  • Not been able to share your modem with other users? Maybe you don't have the right technology. At present, customers surfing the Net via ADSL cannot share their modem.
  • Desactivate it if you don't want your modem to become a Wi-Fi Hotspot for other users.
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