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A problem with internet?

Don't have an Internet connection anymore? Read on and follow our tips. They will enable you to resolve most problems. But don't forget to check first if you have paid your last invoice....

Your internet works but is too slow? Consult our tips for improving your Wi-Fi.

1. Check your modem

Examine your b-box modem (black or white in color as the case may be). There are two things you should check before all else.
  1. The Power  LED light must be lit. If it isn’t, simply switch on the modem by pressing the button on the back. Phew, that was a quick solution...
  2. Either the DSL or WAN LED light must be solidly lit. If it is not lit or is flashing (except during the installation process), there may be a problem on the line.

2. Check the DSL and WAN LEDs

First check that the cables are properly connected on the back of the modem. One end of a cable must normally be plugged into either the blue socket (if you don't have optical fiber) or the red socket (if you have optical fiber) while the other end should be plugged into a wall socket or a fiber modem.

Is neither the DSL nor the WAN LED still not lit? In that case, there is probably a problem on the line. Contact us
If, on the other hand, a cable was not properly connected and the DSL or WAN LED comes on after you remedied this, you will normally be able to surf the Net again after a few minutes.

2. Check the other LEDs

Also check certain LEDs on the modem:

  • If the Wi-Fi LED  is not lit, press the button beside the Wi-Fi LED for 2 or 3 seconds to turn it on and reactivate the Wi-Fi (on a 3/3V+ b-box) or go into the modem interface (on a b-box 2).
  • If your computer is connected to the modem with an Ethernet cable, the LAN LED must be lit. Is it not lit? Check both ends of the cable are properly plugged in, at the modem end (in one of the yellow ports) and at the computer end.

Has this resolved the problem?

3. Reboot the modem

Your modem seems to be working properly. But sometimes a reboot will do no harm...
Press the button on the back of the modem to switch it off, wait for about 10 seconds and then switch it on again.
Lots of LEDs will flash... After a few minutes, when the DSL (or WAN), Internet and Wi-Fi LEDs have lit up solidly, test your Internet connection again. If you have had to reboot your modem several times this week, contact us as there may be a problem on the line.
Redémarrer votre b-box 3/3V+ Le redémarrage de votre b-box 3/3V+ suffit souvent à résoudre vos problème d'internet ou de TV. On vous explique comment faire. C'est très simple !

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4. Check the connection of your device

If the problem does not seem to come from either the line or the modem, check your device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.):
  1. Make sure that Wi-Fi is switched on on your device. To procedure for this varies depending on whether your device is a mobile phone, computer, tablet, etc. The network icon or icon must be lit. Too complicated for you? We'll help you connect.
  2. Are you connected to the right Wi-Fi network, i.e. the one of the b-box? Reminder: the name of the network is indicated on the back of the b-box, unless you have changed the name. Can't find it? We'll explain exactly where it is.
  3. Is your device too far away from the b-box modem? Move closer to the b-box modem to check whether the connection improves nearer the modem.
  4. Restart your device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.). This often works wonders...

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5. Check any other devices

Do your line, modem and device seem to work properly and you still don't have Internet access? In that case it gets more complicated... Do you have any other devices such as a Wi-Fi Extender or Wi-Fi Booster?

  • Wi-Fi Extender Wi-Fi Extender
  • Wi-Fi Booster Wi-Fi Booster
  • No, I have neither one nor the other.
Afficher toutes les options

6. Reboot your Wi-Fi Extender

The Wi-Fi Extender (also called CPL adapter) is plugged into a power socket near the place where you use your mobile or computer. It communicates with an almost identical CPL adapter plugged in near your modem.

Reboot them:

  1. Unplug the CPL from the power socket near the modem. Wait 10 seconds and then plug it back in.

  2. Unplug the Wi-Fi Extender from the power socket. Wait 10 seconds and then plug it back in.

  3. Wait a few minutes until the LEDs light up again. Test your Internet connection again.

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6. Reboot your Wi-Fi Booster

Reboot your Wi-Fi Booster:

  1. Press the button on top of the Wi-Fi Booster. The LEDs will go off.

  2. Wait five seconds, then press this button again to turn on your Wi-Fi Booster.

  3. If you have several Wi-Fi Boosters, reboot them all in the same way.

Has this resolved the problem?

6. Don't have a Wi-Fi Extender or a Wi-Fi Booster?

If you purchased a different brand of Wi-Fi Extender than Proximus', please unplug it and then plug it back in again. If that doesn't work, please consult your online user manual. The main brands are Devolo and Netgear. If you have neither a Wi-Fi Extender nor a Wi-Fi Booster and your Internet connection still doesn't work, contact us.

Your internet connection is still not working?

The Wi-Fi is on on your device, the cables are well connected, the LEDs on your modem are on and you still don't have internet? Contact our technical service, we will be happy to help you.

Your internet connection works again

We are happy that your internet connection is working again. Wi-Fi connection, we advise you to consult our tips to improve your Wi-Fi.

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