Smart Wi-Fi

Smart, fast & stable Wi-Fi

  • Included in your pack
  • Manage your Wi-Fi with the MyProximus app

A powerful Wi-Fi at home

Nowadays, we study, we work, we tiktok, we game at home ... And the whole family needs a smart Wi-Fi to do it. That’s why a rock-solid connection is more important than ever.

Smart Wi-Fi manages all your connections and adapts to provide you with the best Wi-Fi coverage:

  • Enjoy optimal speed, without interruptions, when surfing on different devices
  • Keep a stable connection even when you move from room to room

Discover how easy it is to activate Smart Wi-Fi through the MyProximus app without any costs. It’s included in your pack!

I activate Smart Wi-Fi

Download the MyProximus app and discover Smart Wi-Fi

I activate Smart Wi-Fi

Discover all features of Smart Wi-Fi

Enjoy high quality Wi-Fi & great features in your MyProximus app

Real-time advice

With Smart Wi-Fi, you can see the status of your network at any time and get tips to improve your network.

Test your Wi-Fi performance in every room

Thanks to Smart Wi-Fi you can monitor and analyse the Wi-Fi speed and Wi-Fi strength in any room and get personalized recommendations to improve it.


Need a Wi-Fi break?

Need a digital detox moment to enjoy quality time with friends & family? Or you want to pause the Wi-Fi access during your kids’ bedtime or during family dinners? Just need them to stop consuming all your bandwidth during the day?

Simply turn the Wi-Fi access off in a few simple clicks via the MyProximus app.

QR code to share your Wi-Fi

Generate a QR code to quickly share your Wi-Fi access with your friends.


View or rename your connected devices

Some devices on your Wi-Fi network might have hard to identify names (e,g. a printer named “a738b000001”).

You can now easily recognize your devices by simply renaming them via the rename button in the MyProximus app.

Stay connected!

Automatic switch to Public Wi-Fi

Head out the door and your Wi-Fi switches automatically to Public Wi-Fi so you can seamlessly continue to surf.

Need a Wi-Fi Booster?

Our Wi-Fi is a powerful one, but it could have trouble coming through in well isolated homes. Your Smart Wi-Fi indicates if a Booster is useful to increase your Wi-Fi coverage. It also offers a wireless connection for your TV!

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