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Can I have fiber?

More than 1,000,000 homes and businesses are already ready to be connected to fiber!

The deployment of fiber accelerates in Belgium to bring you an incredible performance:

  • a stable connection even when everyone is connected
  • an ultra-fast internet up to 1 Gbps
  • a sharper image on all your screens

Stable and ultra-fast Internet

Even when everyone is connected!

Enjoy an ultra-stable Internet and amazing speeds of up to 1 Gbps in download and up to 200 Mbps in upload, no matter how many devices or people are connected at the same time.

Fiber 1 Gbps
42 sec

Copper 70 Mbps
10 min

Fiber 1 Gbps
12 sec

Copper 70 Mbps
2 min 56

Fiber 1 Gbps
12 min

Copper 70 Mbps
39 min

"I can work a lot faster. I don't have to ask people to repeat things three times in a meeting. There are no glitches and everything runs very smoothly."

Martin, 28, Antwerp

"Wow, what speed, what stability! With fiber, even when there are 5 of us online, everything goes at the same speed. Even when my son is gaming online with his friends."

Julie, 46, Liège

Discover Flex Fiber

The pack tailored to each family member

Flex Fiber is…

  • a stable connection even when everyone is connected
  • an unlimited and ultra-fast Internet up to 1 Gbps
  • an unlimited access to Le Soir or Het Laatste Nieuws Digitaal with
    My e-Press
  • a mobile subscription for the whole family at a super advantageous price
  • an unparalleled Pickx TV experience on all your screens
Free installation

Did you know?

The installation of the fiber at your home is completely .

Are you already a Proximus customer? Your current copper cable will have to be replaced soon anyway. Fiber, which will succeed it, meets the ever-increasing need for connectivity. It guarantees you better performance today and in the future.

How do I get fiber?

Questions that you may still have

As a technology of the future, fiber transmits data over great distances at the speed of light. The advantages are numerous, including a super-fast and much more stable Internet connection.

Proximus is modernizing its network (teaming up with other partners such as Fiberklaar and Unifiber) and is gradually replacing its current copper cables with fiber cables. Ultimately, the Proximus copper network will be completely replaced by this new technology.

Thanks to a close collaboration with the construction sector, most new housing estates and apartment buildings are swiftly connected to our fiber network.

And unlike most other operators, Proximus takes the fiber right into your home. This guarantees you the best possible performance, today as well as tomorrow.

Discover what fiber is in a video.

Find out more about this new network

Your current copper cable will soon have to be replaced. Fiber, which will be rolled out instead, meets the need for ever greater connectivity. It guarantees you better performance today and tomorrow.

With fiber, you'll have access to super-fast and stable Internet, ultra-low latency, a sharper than ever image on all your screens and, most importantly, you'll be equipped for the future:

  • Super-fast, stable Internet: no downtime or slowdowns when importing or exporting documents, watching videos and playing online, no matter how many people or devices are connected at the same time.
  • Ultra-low latency: latency is the delay between a data transfer request and the response to that request. Indeed, when you play online, every millisecond counts. With fiber, you stay one step ahead of your opponents.
  • A sharper picture than ever before on all your screens: Whether on TV, tablet or smartphone, with fiber, you won’t miss even the tiniest detail.
  • Future-proof: tomorrow, your home will be increasingly connected thanks to the Internet. With fiber in your home, this evolution is child's play.

Already a Proximus customer? Your current copper cable will soon have to be replaced by fiber anyway. Fiber meets the need for ever greater connectivity. Furthermore, it guarantees you better performance today and tomorrow.

We suggest you run it by your landlord to get a verbal agreement on the installation of fiber in your home.

If your landlord has taken part in the general meetings held by the building manager, he should have received all the information regarding our fiber roll-out. Otherwise, let him know that you are interested in having this technology installed at your home, which would require the drilling of inconspicuous holes in the walls.

All about installation

Faster and more stable than traditional copper cabling, fiber is also more environmentally friendly.

It can be entirely produced in Europe and consists of glass made from silicon dioxide, the most abundant element on earth after oxygen. This resource is found in sand, clay, rocks and even water. Mining it is therefore not harmful for the environment.

Moreover, fiber uses 4x less electricity than copper, and its production leaves a very small environmental footprint: 0.06 kg of CO2 for glass fiber compared to 1000 kg for 2 kg of copper wire (used for your current connection).

Switching to this future-proof technology makes sense for the environment and the climate!

Watch a video on why fiber is environmentally friendly.

The installation takes between two and four hours, but don't worry, the connection is only cut off for a few minutes. So you can continue your activities without any problems.

For new housing estates and apartment buildings, which are usually already connected to our fiber network, the technician only activates your services on the fiber network, which takes much less time.

Watch a video of how fiber is installed in your home.

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Fixed internet speed: the actual speed experienced depends on the computer system, but also in exceptional cases, on general use. Your surfing speed may also be slower, while using Wi-Fi. Go to to discover the surfing speed in your home.
The download speed of 1 Gbps can only be obtained with a fixed device directly connected to the modem.

Why choose fiber?

Optical fiber is the guarantee of an ultra-fast and stable internet connection, without interruption or slowing down. You have a download speed of up to 1 Gbps and an upload speed of up to 200 Mbps with Flex Fiber. Optical fiber offers ideal conditions for the biggest fans of online gaming and video games, and also for users eager to download at the speed of light.

Download time
Fiber Boost option (1 Gbps per second)
Download time
Standard connection (70 Mbps)
Film (1.5GB) 12 seconds 3 minutes
Video game (5 GB) 42 seconds 10 minutes

The advantages of fiber:

  • Fiber offers a superfast internet connection
  • Fiber offers a very stable internet connection
  • Fiber lets you watch television in very high definition
  • Fiber costs no more than a standard connection
  • Fiber increases the value of your home

Where is fiber available?

Fiber is available in several major Belgian cities and is being rolled out in others. It is also being deployed on industrial estates and in industrial buildings, as well as most new housing estates and apartment buildings.

Thanks to our partnerships with Fiberklaar in Flanders and Unifiber in Wallonia, the roll-out of fiber will pick up speed in the coming months and years, in order to offer you the best network available. The aim is to provide an ultra-fast and stable network that can easily absorb the data traffic that will continue to grow in the years to come.

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