How is fiber installed?

The fiber installation in three steps

  1. After reaching an agreement with the municipality, Proximus prepares the streets to be able to install Fiber. No action is required or expected from you. You will be informed of the start of the works by email or letter.

Find out all the details in video

The type of installation varies according to the type of house: detached or semi-detached? Building with more or less than 5 floors? Choose your type of home and watch a video to see how fiber will be installed in your home.

Discover the steps for installing fiber in a detached house with an underground connection.

Discover the steps for installing fiber in a semi-detached house through the facade.

Discover the steps for installing fiber in an apartment through the façade.

Discover the steps for installing fiber in an apartment from the building's technical room (in the basement or on the ground floor).

Discover the steps for installing fiber in an apartment from the connection box on your floor.

Do you have any other questions?

Yes, the installation is free of charge from the beginning of the installation to the activation of your fiber products. It is for free for existing Proximus customers and for new customers.

Fiber is the technology of the future that allows you to transmit data over long distances at the speed of light.

Unlike most other operators, Proximus installs fiber all the way to the heart of your home. This guarantees you the best possible performance, today and tomorrow.

Fiber has many advantages. Here are the most important ones:

  • Ultra-fast, stable Internet: no more interruptions or slowdowns while working from home, watching videos and playing online, no matter how many people or devices are connected at the same time.
  • Superior image quality: fiber is the only technology capable of delivering a 4k image. So no detail will escape you.
  • Unequaled download speed: the fiber network allows you to reach much higher speeds than the copper network, up to 1 Gbps in download and 200 Mbps in upload.

We always confirm appointments by e-mail. To consult or modify your appointment later, click on the personal link contained of this e-mail. However, appointment cancellations are only made by telephone on 0800 33 800.

As a tenant, all you have to do is submit your request to Proximus. The landlord cannot oppose the choice of operator, nor the installation of fiber at the request of the tenant. We nevertheless advise you to inform the landlord.

In a building in co-ownership, all owners will normally have already been notified of the arrival of fiber in the building through the general assembly or by the syndic/building manager.

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