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Powerful internet everywhere in your house

More stable and faster internet with Wi-Fi 6. 

Even faster internet with fiber

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Questions about Flex Fiber?

Fiber is the technology of the future. The fiber cables transmit data over long distances at the speed of light and thus offer many advantages, including an ultra-fast and much more stable Internet connection than with traditional copper cables.

Proximus is therefore modernising its network by gradually replacing these copper cables by fiber cables. And unlike most other operators who stop at the street, Proximus is installing fiber right into your home, to ensure the best possible performance now and in the future. In the long term, our copper network will be completely replaced by this new technology.

Your fiber connection is completely free of charge for every activation of a Fiber pack, whether you are an existing Proximus customer or not. If you opt for another fiber product outside the pack, for example Internet Fiber, a fee of € 59 will be charged for a new installation.

You will continue to have your current connection, without change. However, you should know that the current Proximus copper network will eventually have to be replaced by fiber.

Promotion valid until 31/01/23 included in cities where the installation address is eligible for fiber from the network builder Fiberklaar. Monthly discount of €10/month for the first 12 months for all new Proximus Internet customers subscribing to Flex Fiber. After that, you pay the normal price. Promo valid if you place a pre-order for a Fiber pack before the end of the works by Fiberklaar in your street. As soon as the works by Fiberklaar in your street are completed, it is no longer valid. Cannot be combined with other promotions. Activation by a technician included with any Flex Fiber subscription. If you opt for another fiber product outside the package, such as Internet Fiber, a €59 activation fee will be charged for a new installation.

Proximus reserves the right to extend the action.

Promo Be tv: offer valid from 01/02/2022 to 31/01/2023 included, by purchasing the TV option Be Tv at €24.99 per month. Only for TV customers of Proximus. Action combinable with other promotions. Discount applicable only once per client and applied as €10/month during 3 months on the Proximus payment statement.

Pickx All Stars/Pickx All Stars & Sports: offer valid from 01/02/2022 to 14/08/2023 included, by purchasing the TV option Pickx All Stars at €29.99 per month or by purchasing the TV option Pickx All Stars & Sports at €39.99 per month. Only for TV customers of Proximus. Action not combinable with other promotions, except the Flex advantage of €0.99 offered on TV options. Discount applicable only once per client and applied as €5/month during 3 months on the Proximus payment statement.

You can cancel your pre-order at any time and free of charge via our customer service. The services will only be activated on the condition that the fiber is actually deployed by Fiberklaar, the company in charge of the construction of the fiber network, in your city and installed by one of our technicians at your address, as stipulated during the subscription of your fiber product.

The Terms and Conditions and Pricelist & tariffs apply.

Mobile telephony

Normal and personal use of the Service by the Customer and unlimited use
The service is conditioned to a non-abusive use, with due diligence ". In addition to any reasonable use policies limiting mobile data use, Proximus therefore reserves the right to limit or suspend the service in the event of use in excess of more than 10,000 SMS/month or 500 SMS/day or sending SMS to more than 250 different recipients per month.

Network access 5G included Optimale Max 5G speed Estimate Max 5G speed
Mobile Flex S 100 Mbps 100 Mbps
Mobilus Flex M 250 Mbps 250 Mbps
Mobilus Flex Maxi 1 Gbps 420 Mbps
Unlimited Premium 1 Gbps 420 Mbps

The customer can include up to 6 mobile phones in the pack with the same advantages.

5G: the 5G network is only accessible in covered areas and is subject to compatible device and subscription. The “estimated maximum speed” is the maximum speed that users can expect to achieve at different locations in the coverage area under realistic conditions. This maximum value results from measurements on the whole national territory and might vary depending on the device performance and your location during the use of the service. 5G being under deployment, the speed estimation is based on limited data.
The “optimale maximum speed” is the speed that can be achieved under optimal usage conditions. Speed may vary depending on the price plan, device performance and your location while using the service. More info on www.proximus.be/5G and on www.proximus.be/internetpolicy.

Internet (data):  if the customer surfing at reduced speed wants to continue surfing at maximum speed, it is possible to purchase a data boost option via MyProximus or by contacting customer service.

Free mobile calls and texts:

  • In Belgium and while traveling within the EU*, for calls and text messages across all mobile and landline networks except special numbers (voting, 0900, etc.). Calls are billed per second from the 61st second onwards. Good to know: international calls (= calling from Belgium to the EU) are not included.

* EU = Countries of the European Union + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. 

TV & entertainment

TV: For more information about the availability of TV, the HD range, the possibility to connect several TV sets and the channel offering by region: www.proximus.be/tv

Pickx app for TV customers with a MyProximus account, for use in Belgium via Proximus Internet (fixed and mobile). TV guide accessible to all Internet users.  
TV customers also have access to TV content with the exception of Partner offers via the Proximus Pickx app and proximuspickx.be with a MyProximus account. The TV content in the video is for illustrative and educational purposes only.
If the customer has a mobile subscription, an additional mobile data volume of 5 GB is provided for the Proximus Pickx app. If the customer has reached the limit of his mobile data bundle, the reduced surfing speed will also apply to the mobile data of the Pickx app.

My e-Press: My e-Press is only available for private customers. Professional customers subject to VAT who choose a Flex pack will not have access to My e-Press.

TV option: choice from a list selected by Proximus. Changes to the offer will be notified 2 months in advance.

Netflix: Service offered by Netflix International B.V.. Proximus offers a technically simplified access to Netflix via the TV Box. Follow the instructions on www.proximus.be/iwantnetflix to activate your Netflix streaming subscription or to link your existing account. The general conditions of Netflix apply: www.netflix.com/termsofuse. If you choose Netflix as a TV bundle, the price of the pack with TV bundle increases by €2,5 per month. The price of the Netflix subscription is mentioned on the Proximus bill. The Standard TV bundle includes a subscription for 2 screens. On request: 4 screens (€4,5 more/month). Proximus reserves the right to prolong the offer.

Disney+: The price of the Disney+ subscription will be included on your Proximus bill. Pickx TV by Proximus provides technically simplified access to Disney+ via the Android TV Box. The Disney TV option and the simplified access are provided throughout the validity period of the contract with Disney and are subject to changes imposed by Disney. The Proximus Terms and Conditions and Pricelist & tariffs apply.
Only one subscription per customer. Only for Proximus Pickx TV customers. This action cannot be combined with other Proximus promotions.
To use Disney+, a Disney+ account is required. The user must accept Disney+ terms and conditions. Disney+ is an independent data controller of the personal data of Disney+ subscribers.
Access to Disney+ is subject to the activation of an account with Disney+ by the customer. The customer needs to activate a new access to Disney+ with the Proximus procedure communicated by e-mail. More details: here [link to the FAQ: www.proximus.be/disneyplusfaq).
To enjoy Disney+ content via your Proximus Android TV Box (in recommended apps section of the navigation TV menu), you must have the Proximus Android TV decoder. More detailed on how to watch Disney+ via your Proximus Android TV Box: here!

Offer needs to be redeemed at www.disneyplus.be.

Only one subscription per customer. Access to Disney+ subject to activation of an account with Disney+ by the customer. Offer cannot be used on existing Disney+ account. The Disney+ Subscriber Agreement applies. At the end of the 12 months, the Disney+ service will be billed by Disney to the customer at the then applicable market price (currently €6.99/month).

To enjoy Disney+ content via your Proximus TV Box (in recommended apps section of the navigation TV menu), you must have the Proximus Android TV Box. More info, here!

TV Replay: TV Replay is free for all existing TV customers who opt for a Flex pack. The availability of programs and TV Replay depends on the television channels and the permissions they have or don't have to operate the program in question. Also available on computer, tablet and smartphone via the Pickx app. The list of channels available in TV Replay on TV and the Pickx app, along with the special terms and conditions, can be read on www.proximus.be/tvreplay

Fixed Internet

Unlimited data volume: personal and normal use, see the General Terms and Conditions. After using 3 TB, your speed will be limited to the end of the month, unless you activate your free 300 GB extra volume via MyProximus. More information: www.proximus.be/internetpolicy.

Fixed Internet speed: the actual speed experienced depends on the computer system, but also in exceptional cases, on general use. Your surfing speed may also be slower, while using Wi-Fi.  Go to proximus.be/internetspeed to discover the surfing speed in your home.

Fiber Boost 1 GIGA option: only compatible with Flex Fiber 500/50 Mbps.

Wi-Fi Booster: the customer is entitled to maximum 2 Wi-Fi Boosters with a Flex Fiber pack with Gigabit internet. Use in Belgium and always on request or at the initiative of the technician.

Landline telephony 

Unlimited calls: only for normal and personal use and in accordance with Proximus' General Terms and Conditions.

Unlimited calls nationally: unlimited landline-to-landline calls (voice telephony) in Belgium around the clock. 1,000 call minutes for landline calls (voice telephony) to all mobile numbers in Belgium during peak and off-peak hours; after these 1,000 call minutes the customer calls at preferential rates. NB: these conditions do not apply to special numbers (070, 077, 09xx, 1xxx) and Internet numbers.

"Free calls international" option: 2000 minutes/month of free calls during off-peak hours (between 5 p.m. and 8 a.m.) and during weekends, for international calls from your landline to landline and mobile numbers (excluding mobile numbers in Morocco and Turkey) of the following destinations: Andorra, Austria Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, United States, Canada and landlines in Morocco and Turkey, from the telephone number given by the customer at the time of subscription, excluding 64k data connections on ISDN lines, special and premium-rate numbers (non-geographic numbers such as 070x, 09xx, 1xxx, etc.) View the out-of-bundle rates via this price list. Maximum 1 option per customer. Cannot be combined with other options that offer discounts on international calls;

Calls to all other countries in the world are billed per sec after the 1st min, without connection charge.

Free installation: free installation by a technician (worth €350) included for all Flex Fiber customers.

Customers with a mobile subscription or prepaid card are automatically given the option to make mobile payments.
This option allows you to purchase third-party services, such as a subscription to streaming services, a digital magazine, purchases on game consoles, e-books, parking or train tickets, paid applications in an app store, etc. The maximum value per transaction is 50€.
Your purchases are linked to your mobile number and can be consulted in the usage section via the MyProximus app.
The settlement of your purchases takes place together with the settlement of your Proximus products and services. The overview of your purchases is listed in the section “Details of your statement for third-party services”, which is added as an attachment to your Proximus bill or statement.
Your standard monthly budget is set at €100 and can be adjusted via the MyProximus app to a minimum of €5 and a maximum of €250. You can also choose to deactivate or reactivate this option free of charge via the MyProximus app.
More information about Mobile Payments can be found on our website: https://www.proximus.be/mobile-payments .

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