Proximus reinvents the mobile network with 5G

I want to enjoy 5G

First 5G network in Belgium

Proximus is committed to innovation and as you would expect from us, we were the first in Belgium to launch a 5G network. An important first step towards a hyper-connected future with 5G.
5G provides an infrastructure that can cope with the exponential growth of data consumption and can support a multitude of devices to operate at the same time. With a high level of quality, of course.

What are the advantages of 5G?

Experiencing the full possibilities of 5G will only be possible within a few years. But the first step towards that interesting, exciting future has been taken! The Proximus network now allows you to get a taste of the 5G experience: an improved speed and lower latency.

Proximus is accelerating the deployment of the networks of the future

Thanks to this new gigabit network using Fiber & 5G connectivity, Proximus would like to offer innovative, useful and unique digital opportunities to customers, businesses & Belgian society.
What would you think about, for example, following a concert live, everywhere in Belgium, as if you were there?

We have decided to work on a live 360 ° VR show with the Belgian artist Konoba in order to proceed a live test of our ‘5G innovation hub’ installed in Proximus building. This show illustrates the unique & innovative experience these technologies might offer in the future.
Discover this unique experience in the video!

Waiting? Ok, boomer!

5G offers much faster download and upload speeds. Downloads are ready almost immediate and the speed is exceptional on any device.

Example: download of a movie of 5 GB

5G: an asset for online video games

During the Proximus ESL Championship Finals, Proximus organized a 5G test to demonstrate its capabilities in terms of speed and latency. The 5G booth allowed professional gamers and their guests to test the connectivity while playing their favorite games (CS:GO and FIFA).

Discover - in pictures - this unprecedented battle!

Higher resolution, no delays

High-resolution, razor-sharp videos without any sign of delays. Relaxing and chatting has never been so pleasant!

Game on!

Continue your game on the way? No worries, the quality remains top-notch and so does your gaming experience!

Are you ready for 5G?

The Proximus network makes a first 5G experience possible and you can enjoy it. But what do you need?

With a 5G smartphone

Because the frequency for 5G is different than 4G or 3G, you need a smartphone that is compatible with the Proximus 5G network and can handle these speeds.

Currently, several smartphones work on our 5G network. We will expand our offering as quickly as possible.

And an adapted subscription

You need a special subscription that gives you access to our 5G network to enjoy the best experience Proximus has to offer. Business customer? Bizz Mobile 5G International is waiting for you.

Where 5G is available

The launch of 5G will happen in several cities and smaller zones, from the coast to the Ardennes! The further deployment will take some time, it’s not something that will happen overnight. We’re working hard on it.

The impact of 5G

5G can improve our lives in many areas, from recreation to the most useful services.


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