Connect your talent with the best network

With 5G and fiber

Proximus gives opportunity to talent

Faster and more powerful, thanks to an ever modernising network, Proximus is committed to installing 5G and fiber all over Belgium - from the largest cities to most remote villages.

A wider network will give each and every Belgian the opportunity to discover and nurture their talent thanks to the many possibilities offered by technology.

Language Tutorials

In just one month, Jonathan wrote a song in Dutch, a language he hadn't mastered before. Thanks to specialist applications, Dutch-language series and his positive energy, he was able to write his lyrics wherever and whenever inspiration struck.

Sewing tutorials

Nora learnt to sew in a month and set herself the challenge of creating cushions to match her interior. From discovering her sewing machine to the final product, she found inspiration online by visiting websites and following tutorials to discover the tips she needed to achieve the result she wanted.

Learn how to make lingerie

Juliet took on the challenge of learning to sew lingerie in a month. Following online courses wherever she went and whenever she had time, she persevered until she achieved a result she's proud of. Her journey, rich in exchanges with others and multiple attempts, enabled her to successfully achieve her goal.

A network for Dozen

Discover how our networks allowed the director’s duet DOZEN to make a job out of their passion for cinema.

A network for Pierre

Pierre has always loved skateboarding.  Discover how our network has helped him develop his passion and excel every day.

Proximus reinvents the mobile network with 5G

The future needs new ideas. And new networks. Enter now this new era with Proximus.

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Proximus: leveraging fiber to revolutionize the fixed network

By transmitting data over great distances at the speed of light, fiber ensures that your Internet connection is ultra-fast and stable, even when everyone else is connected.

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More than 1,700,000 homes and businesses are already ready to be connected to fiber!

This year, we managed to connect a new home or business to fiber every 18 seconds.

We are now stepping up the process to reach a target of 4.2 million homes and businesses passed by 2028, while striving for 95% coverage by 2032. The ultimate goal is to allow everyone to enjoy ultra-fast and stable Internet, even when everyone else is connected. 

1 household or business passed every

18 sec

More than


homes and businesses are already fiber ready


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