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Stream to your TV

Stream content from your mobile devices directly to your TV thanks to an integrated Chromecast.

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Speak to your tv

Find easily your favourite program just by talking to your remote control. And Google Assistant will do the rest!

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Enjoy your favourite Android apps

With Proximus Android TV Box you can download all your favourite apps like YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Twitch … via Google app store and use them directly on your tv.

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Need an extra TV at home?

For the kids or in the bedroom.

You can rent an extra decoder for €6/month. The €2 discount is granted during the ordering process and on your invoice.

instead of €8 6 /month

VAT and Recupel incl.

Exchange your current decoder for the Android TV Box?

  • Request this TV Box through your TV. Go to the 'Pickx home screen > Shop > Apps. With the Android TV Box you have access to all kinds of apps. Select one you like and you get the opportunity to exchange your current decoder.
  • A one-time exchange fee of €49 will be charged on your invoice.The standard rental price of the decoder remains unchanged and is included in the monthly Flex pack price.

Frequently asked questions

A synonym for 4K is "Ultra HD". This is a resolution of 3,840 by 2,160 pixels. So Ultra HD is a very high resolution, four times higher than "Full HD", which has a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels. So the bottom line is that you get to see more pixels and therefore more details on your TV. This sharper reproduction of images means a better movie experience. To be able to enjoy this you'll also need 4K content (movies/series), a 4K television and a good Internet connection (bandwidth of at least 23 Mbps). 
High Dynamic Range (HDR) makes the colors brighter and more realistic. Moreover, you'll see a lot more details. From the latest movie to your favorite series, everything becomes more vivid than ever.

  • If you already have the All Stars or All Stars & Sports option or if you subscribe to these options, you can replace your current decoder by an Android TV Box for free. Please consult channel 58 or go from the Pickx home screen on your tv to Shop > Apps and follow the instructions.
  • If you don’t have or don’t want to take the All Stars or All Stars & Sports option, you can also replace your decoder by an Android TV Box. Contact us or order this TV Box via your TV.  From the Pickx home screen, go to > Shop > Apps and follow the instructions. A one-time exchange fee of €49 will be charged on your invoice.
    For more information about the installation of the Android TV Box you can visit our support pages.
  • If you are not a TV customer yet, you can choose a pack that best suits you: Packs for youth (Epic Combo full experience) or Packs for families, where the Android TV Box is included.

For more info on the usage and functionalities of the Pickx interface, you can always consult our online guides or visit our support page.

The rental price of a decoder is €8/month (€6/month for an additional decoder) and is included in the price of your Tuttimus, Familus, Minumus pack or internet tv subscription.

In flex pack the TV decoder is free. In flex premium pack 2 tv-decoders are free. If you don’t have a TV decoder the price of your flex pack remains the same. For an additional decoder the €2 discount is also applicable.