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    Fiber in general

    As a technology of the future, fiber transmits data over great distances at the speed of light. The advantages are numerous, including a super-fast and much more stable Internet connection.

    Proximus is modernizing its network (teaming up with other partners such as Fiberklaar and Unifiber) and is gradually replacing its current copper cables with fiber cables. Ultimately, the Proximus copper network will be completely replaced by this new technology.

    By working hand in hand with the construction sector, most new housing estates and apartment buildings are already being connected to our fiber network.

    And unlike most other operators, Proximus takes the fiber right into your home. This guarantees you the best possible performance, today as well as tomorrow.

    Discover what fiber is in a video.

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    With fiber, you'll have access to super-fast and stable Internet, ultra-low latency, a sharper than ever image on all your screens and, most importantly, you'll be equipped for the future:

    • Super-fast, stable Internet: no downtime or slowdowns when importing or exporting documents, watching videos and playing online, no matter how many people or devices are connected at the same time.
    • Ultra-low latency: latency is the delay between a data transfer request and the response to that request. Indeed, when you play online, every millisecond counts. With fiber, you stay one step ahead of your opponents.
    • A sharper picture than ever before on all your screens: Whether on TV, tablet or smartphone, with fiber, you won’t miss even the tiniest detail.
    • Future-proofed: tomorrow, your home will be increasingly connected thanks to the Internet. With fiber in your home, this evolution is child's play.

    Are you already a Proximus customer? At some stage, your current copper cable will need to be replaced. Fiber, which will succeed it, meets the ever-increasing need for connectivity. It guarantees you better performance today and in the future.

    Mbps is the unit that measures the amount of data transferred in one second. This measuring unit for data transmission is used worldwide to quantify Internet speeds. Mbps stands for megabit per second. Gbps (or GIGA) stands for gigabit per second. One gigabit (or 1 GIGA) corresponds to 1,000 megabits, which is very fast!

    The speeds advertised by Proximus correspond to download and upload speeds. When a fiber product claims Internet speeds of up to 1 GIGA, this means that the connection is capable of downloading up to 1 gigabit of data per second. With a 1 gigabit per second connection, you can download a 1.5 gigabit movie in just 12 seconds. At traditional speed (70 Mbps), this download takes you almost three minutes.

    Faster and more stable than traditional copper cabling, fiber is also more environmentally friendly.

    It can be entirely produced in Europe and consists of glass made from silicon dioxide, the most abundant element on earth after oxygen. This resource is found in sand, clay, rocks and even water. Mining it is therefore not harmful for the environment.

    Moreover, fiber uses 4x less electricity than copper, and its production leaves a very small environmental footprint: 0.06 kg of CO2 for glass fiber compared to 1000 kg for 2 kg of copper wire (used for your current connection).

    Switching to this future-proof technology makes sense for the environment and the climate!

    Watch a video on why fiber is environmentally friendly.

    Fiber is available in several major Belgian cities and is being rolled out in others. It is also being deployed on industrial estates and in industrial buildings, as well as most new housing estates and apartment buildings.

    Thanks to our partnerships with Fiberklaar in Flanders and Unifiber in Wallonia, the roll-out of fiber will pick up speed in the coming months and years, in order to offer you the best network available. The aim is to provide an ultra-fast and stable network that can easily absorb the data traffic that will continue to grow in the years to come.

    Check if this applies to your city

    Switching to fiber

    Fiber is available in a number of major Belgian cities and is being rolled out or planned in others. By working hand in hand with the construction sector, most of the new housing estates and apartment buildings are already being connected to our fiber network.

    So the first step is to check whether fiber is available at your address.

    • If this is not yet the case, fill in the Proximus form to be the first to be informed of its arrival.
    • In that case, you’ll be invited to discover our Flex Fiber packages. Pick one of our existing packages or modify your Flex Fiber package according to your needs.

    Do you already have a Proximus package and want to benefit from fiber technology?
    Pick your Flex Fiber package and we’ll ensure that your products are automatically converted.

    Do you live in a city where fiber is installed by our partner Fiberklaar?
    If you are already a Proximus Internet customer, you will be able to pick your Fiber package once the fiber is pre-installed at your address. For the time being, just ask for your  installation and we will get back to you on your choice of package. If you are not yet a Proximus Internet customer, ask for your  installation and pick your new Fiber package.

    Fiber is rolled out laid in several phases. It is therefore possible that your address is not (yet) located in an area where fiber is currently being laid. It is also possible that your home is located in an area served by fiber, but that for technical or administrative reasons (refusal of the property manager, permit, etc.), we are not able to bring it to your home. For more information, do not hesitate to fill in the Proximus form you will be invited to complete.

    You will continue to enjoy your current services, on our traditional copper network, without change. However, you are advised to make the switch now, as fiber will ultimately replace the copper network. It meets the need for ever-increasing connectivity and guarantees you better performance today and tomorrow.

    By switching to this technology of the future today, you will be eligible for  installation.

    This depends on the products you currently have. Depending on the formula you choose, it is possible that, in some cases, your Flex Fiber package will cost you a little more than your current package. However, you will still enjoy all the benefits of fiber, such as Internet that is ultra-fast and stable no matter how many people or devices are connected at the same time, a sharper picture on all your screens and, most importantly, you will be equipped for the future.

    As a tenant, all you have to do is submit your request to Proximus. The landlord cannot oppose the choice of operator, nor the installation of fiber at the request of the tenant. We nevertheless advise you to inform the landlord.

    In a building in co-ownership, all owners will normally have already been notified of the arrival of fiber in the building through the general assembly or by the syndic/building manager.

    All about installation

    It all depends on how your alarm system is connected:

    • Via WiFi or ethernet to your bbox? You don't have to do anything.
    • Via the analogue line? This type of connection will be phased out with the switch to fiber. You will have to order a separate analogue line or contact your installer to update your alarm system.
    • Via your telephone line? Ask your alarm installer to do a test after installation. Don't forget to have a battery backup installed so that your modem also works in the event of a power failure.
    • Via a remote monitoring center? Ask your alarm installer to check that the installation is working properly.


    The fiber cables are laid district by district and street by street. In order to bring the fiber right into your home, preparatory work is required, such as excavation or façade work. We will do our utmost to minimize any inconvenience and will always keep you informed of the timeframe.

    Once the work in your street has been completed, the fiber cable will be brought to your home discreetly. From that moment on, you will be invited to switch to this new technology and enjoy all the benefits of fiber. Once you have placed your order, one of our technicians will come to your home on the agreed day to install your fiber connection box.

    If you live in a building managed by a property manager, the latter must first give us access to the building to install the fiber in the common areas. Only then will you be able to request your connection to our fiber network.

    All about installation

    In the case of a new construction carried out by a property developer and if fiber is available at this address at the time of the work, the developer will take care of submitting the request for connection to our fiber network. When you move in, all you have to do is order your fiber products and make an appointment with one of our technicians for the installation.

    How do I do this? Check if fiber is available for your address.Then, simply follow the different steps that will be proposed to you.

    f you are having a new house built with an architect, check if fiber is available for your new house. If it is, don't forget to request connection to our fiber network before ordering and installing your fiber product.

    Have you already done so? Then order your fiber products directly online and make an appointment with one of our technicians to have the fiber connection box installed.

    Yes, your fiber connection is completely  for every activation of a Flex Fiber pack, whether you are a Proximus customer or not. In the cities where Fiberklaar is laying down the fiber network, please also refer to their conditions ( window). If you opt for another solution, such as Internet Fiber alone, for example, installation fees of €59 will be charged for any new installation:

    The installation takes between two and four hours, but don't worry, the connection is only cut off for a few minutes. So you can continue your activities without any problems.

    For new housing estates and apartment buildings, which are usually already connected to our fiber network, the technician only activates your services on the fiber network, which takes much less time.

    Watch a video of how fiber is installed in your home.

    We always confirm appointments by e-mail. To view or change your appointment afterwards, click on the personal link in the e-mail. Appointments can only be canceled by telephone on 0800 55 800.




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