Fiber to your building

Information for syndics and co-owners

  • Ultra-fast and stable Internet
  • Ideal for managing your home automation
  • Green and sustainable network

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Fiber is coming to your building free of charge!

Ultra-fast and stable Internet for teleworking, streaming, gaming, ...

Ideal for managing your home automation: surveillance cameras, elevators, entrance doors, heating, ...

Green and sustainable network: uses 4x less electricity than copper

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Description of the installation equipment

Discover here the different visuals of the fiber equipment in your building, as explained in your Fiber installation document.

Ref 01 - DTP-X


Ref 02 - DTP-F


Ref03 – Mecanical protection

Mecanical protection

Ref04 – House entry kit

House entry kit

Ref05 – BDFO (WBX Small Cap)

BDFO (WBX Small Cap)

Ref06 – FOLAN on wall

FOLAN on wall

Ref07 – 19’’ rack

19’’ rack

Ref08 – Patching to VC

Patching to VC

Ref09 - Floorbox


Ref10 – Vertical Raiser (Goulotte)

Vertical Raiser (Goulotte)

Ref11 – Security Fire

Security Fire

Ref12 – Horizontal raiser (Goulotte)

Horizontal raiser (Goulotte)

Ref13 – Glued cable

Glued cable

Still have questions?

Our customer service answers all your questions:

Fiber is the technology of the future and uses light to transport signals. It is therefore much faster than the traditional copper cables.

The last stretch, from the street to your building, still had traditional cables. We’re changing that, so you can enjoy the best possible network experience. A large part of the Proximus network today consists of optical fiber.

With fiber, you benefit from an ultra-fast Internet connection, without any loss of quality, and no matter with how many people or devices you’re surfing simultaneously.

With fiber, you benefit from a super-fast and stable Internet, ultra-low latency, the sharpest image on all your screens and more importantly, you are ready for the future!

  • Super-fast and stable Internet: whether finally downloading that movie you were looking forward to for such a long time, or uploading that important presentation, etc., in a fiberhome you can do all that without having to wait a long time, regardless of the number of devices connected
  • Ultra-low latency: every millisecond counts in online gaming. In a fiberhome you are one step ahead of your opponents
  • The sharpest image on all your screens: whether you watch things on TV, your tablet or your smartphone, in a fiberhome you see everything in the best image quality
  • Ready for the future: we control more and more devices in our home via the Internet. A fiberhome takes this evolution in its stride.

In the long term, this new network will replace our traditional copper network.

Check whether fiber is available for your home.

If it is, you will be invited to request your connection to our fiber network and to activate your products.

If fiber is not yet available for your home but Proximus is planning to lay fiber in your street, fill in our form in order to be contacted by one of our staff members to discuss the next steps.

Finally, given that we are rolling out fiber in several phases, your home may be located in an area where works have not yet been planned or in a district in which we are unable to install fiber for technical or administrative reasons.

Yes, your connection to fiber is completely free of charge while works are underway in your street, whether you are a Proximus customer or not.

To benefit from the advantages linked to fiber, activate your fiber products with us to surf, stream and game at the speed of light.

Another question? We certainly have an answer for you!

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