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  • 5G and IoT for supply chain 4.0
  • Smart transport monitoring & optimization
  • Carefree mobile workforce solutions
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Connected warehouses

5G supports new technologies in a real-time context such as drones, automated guided vehicles, augmented reality and automatic stock management, ... This allows decisions to be made at lightning speed.

Asset Tracking and monitoring

Do you know where your valuable assets are located? Track the location of your assets in real time and monitor storage conditions (humidity, temperature, air quality…) with IoT sensors.

Smart stock management

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) provide an accurate and real-time overview of your stock inventory. Boost significantly the efficiency and reduce errors of your order picking team thanks to ESL smart labels and mobile scanning.

Smart transport

Give truck drivers faster access and guide them to locations with the Truckmeister app:

  • Know the ETA of your trucks
  • Anticipate traffic situations
  • Monitor your fleet in real-time

Connected Warehouse workers

Communicate all work instructions digitally to your mobile Warehouse staff. Focus on your core activities with leasing of mobile devices including full care end user support.

Safework4.0 & crisis communication

Equip your mobile workforce with a smart badge to improve safety. Reduce the risk of unauthorized access to dangerous zones.Reroute incoming calls and alert collaborators with SMS during emergencies and crisis situations.

Customer stories

The images produced by our autonomous drones are scanned through machine vision, from which a map is built that indicates where floating debris is present. As such, waste can be located and cleaned up faster and more efficiently.

Piet Opstaele, Port of Antwerp

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Our employees always have an up-to-date device, which means we'll even be ready for 5G when the time comes. Employees don't ever have to stress about it, even if the device is broken or lost.

Joeri Geurts, Camin Cargo Control President of Belgium & The Netherlands

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When you construct or upgrade buildings, the smartglass gives you a much better understanding of the plans because you're projecting them onto the site itself. The site acts as a kind of 3D canvas. 5G's large capacity is crucial here, as each time you move, the application has to provide a new rendering of the 3D model. Thanks to 5G, that can be done in real time, without delay.

Henk van Oosterhout, BIM manager at Hooyberghs

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MyCepa is a digital platform at the port of Antwerp. Our 4,800 dockworkers use it to consult the job openings and apply straight away. As such, travel time is reduced and workflows become more efficient.

Guy Vankrunkelsven, Cepa

The Truckmeister app ensures drivers have a smoother, safer and more comfortable journey. It helps create a more efficient logistics process and reduces the nuisance for local residents.

Gerd Nees, Director Logistics & Tolling at Be-Mobile

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Whether it is a question of automobiles, vans, trucks or construction vehicles, we equip every type of vehicle with our tracking and monitoring systems. We send our data via the M2M network. If for some reason that does not work, you will be switched automatically to text messaging.

Frederik Depuydt, Business Development Manager

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Every night, thanks to the smart meters, we get the updated tank data via the Proximus network. This enables us to know exactly when deliveries to customers are due. We can plan everything much more efficiently and save on average 30% on mileage.

Ingeborg Symons, Multigas

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We equipped our 900 m² store with an Electronic Shelf Labeling system (ESL). Thanks to our Wi-Fi network, we are capable of updating our 14,000 product references in one night while the quantity in stock is indicated in real time.

Claude Florent, Director

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Co-creating with partners leads to more innovative solutions

Joining forces and brains with others is crucial to innovate. Proximus has a wide experience in setting up partnerships and nurturing business ecosystems.

Fabriek Logistiek shows what 5G can do

Fabriek Logistiek is the first logistic testing space in Belgium, supported by Proximus. It’s a test centre where transport and logistics companies, with their own staff and commodities, can try and compare existing and new concepts regarding warehousing in a realistic environment and for a complete process flow.

Log!Ville: a new innovation and visitors' center for the logistics sector

Log!Ville - where logistics and innovation meet - is the landmark innovation centre for the logistics ecosystem. It offers a wide variety of demonstrations from smart tracking over smart stock to smart drones and beyond. Companies large and small come together in Log!ville – under the banner of co-creation – to develop new, innovative concepts along with partners like Proximus.

Euronav’s IoT solution connects vessels to shore, reducing carbon emissions & improving efficiency

How 5G-connected drones can help the logistics industry?

Factories of the Future

Belgium’s factories of the future have invested more than 1.9 billion euros in infrastructure, digitization and automation over the past 5 years.