Manufacturing 4.0

Welcome to the factories of the future

  • Tailored offer and production processes
  • Connected manufacturer
  • Optimized distribution and logistics
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Industry 4.0

How to turn a legacy business into a company with a digital vision and accomplish growth in Industry 4.0?

Digitization and smart automation are expected to contribute as much as 14% to global GDP gains by 2030.

1. Improve operating performance and productivity

  • Predict changes and respond in real time
  • Integrate OT and IT
  • Automate additional service or support

2. Grow your business

  • Create PAAS: product-as-a-service
  • Personalize & customize
  • Innovate to shorten design cycles

How to speed up the development of your products?

5G in manufacturing

Producing, assembling and training done faster and getting all the information you need. These are just some of the benefits you get from technologies that fully exploit 5G.

Connected manufacturer

Ultra-low latency and high bandwidth combined with strong indoor coverage offer a new level of reliability and continuity. Even in the most isolated or dispersed buildings on your site.

Distribution optimization

Distribution and logistics can be monitored in such a way you are perfectly able to predict your process flows. Imagine the impact on cost-savings, safer transport and the entire production process.

Workforce: from blue collar to digital collar

The difference between blue- and white-collar workers are narrowing down as technology is bringing both type of work closer together. Meet the digital empowered blue collar worker.

Crisis communication & SafeWork 4.0

Increase safety and efficiency in operational processes and communication by implementing digital solutionsMan Down Detection and good indoor coverage enhances safety on the factory floor.

Become a Factory of the future

Improve your insights and decisions based on real-time data. How do you integrate IoT for manufacturing? How do you break down silos and set up system and app integration with suppliers or customers?

Customer stories


Excellent indoor coverage is guaranteed at Agristo. Not only does this support current phone communication and mobile apps but this also prepares the company for future connected machines that will communicate more efficiently.

VPK Packaging uses fiber to support their centralized ICT model

At VPK Packaging, all applications supporting their business processes (such as sales order, production planning and transport optimisation) are managed by a central ICT model. For flawless operation, the company relies on fiber.

Bühler Group Takes IoT from Field to Fork

The food processing industry is under a lot of pressure to meet the increasing demand from the world’s rising population. Bühler, a global leader in food processing technology and machinery, is investigating ways to help increase the efficiency of their customers in order to meet this demand.

Proximity Monitoring

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing companies to observe strict safety measures. Proximity Monitoring can help your company to drastically limit the risk of infection and work in complete safety.