As a public sector organisation, you are 100% at home with us


Digital transformation in the public sector

  • Security of citizens, data and buildings
  • Smart and green mobility
  • Economic activity supported by ICT
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As a public sector organisation, you are 100% at home with us

We know your unique responsibilities like no other. Thanks to years of cooperation with governments, we perfectly understand your expectations and requirements. What's more, sometimes we know what you need even before you do.

Let's work together to make your services and working environment safer, greener, healthier, and smarter.

You offer services; we offer solutions.

Key elements


Safe traffic in traffic jam-free, accessible cities thanks to intelligent cameras, reliable counting, congested traffic detection, route planning and smart parking technologies.


Protecting citizens by supporting criminal investigation and police services. Using ANPR cameras, we offer solutions for route control, international signalling, surveillance, and prevention.

The digital economy

A bustling city of tourism and economic activity is driven by information. We connect everything with the best, stable networks, and appropriate ICT solutions.

The digital workplace

Using a powerful ICT system, the right e-tools and solid cybersecurity, digitization makes your workplaces more efficient, it creates connection and monitors the work/life balance of your employees.

The digital government

The bond of trust between citizen and government starts with clear, correct communication. We deliver fast information flows, simple e-portals and useful insights.

Environment & Energy

Smart, green mobility and sustainable energy management become possible thanks to i-Cloud or IOT solutions for video conferencing tools, smart parking management, energy-efficient buildings, and more.