Smart buildings, green solutions, automatic energy use

Published on 07/08/2021 in Sectors

Like you, we strive for a green planet. We offer a wide range of i-cloud and IoT solutions to make mobility in your community greener. We can monitor the energy in buildings in a smart way and optimize your parking management

Smart buildings, green solutions, automatic energy use

Smart is the code word: with smart buildings, mobility and energy, you use less energy, make buildings and public spaces more sustainable and introduce circular initiatives. We are your smart partner.

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Customer stories

Sustainability goes beyond climate ambitions

By 2030, Proximus wants to become a truly circular company. At the same time, the pandemic has strengthened the social role of a telecom operator. The mission towards a sustainable strategy therefore goes further than the ecological footprint. Decathlon and H.Essers are also taking their strategy beyond climate ambitions.

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IoT for better water quality

The Internet of Things provides added value in unexpected places. In the fight against the salinization of water, for example. Researchers can monitor the water quality in a given region in real time.

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AXA Belgium: a smart building for a new work culture

At AXA Belgium a smart building is one link in a greater whole. The insurance company has gathered everything together at its new head office in the center of Brussels: a new way of working, underpinned by smart technology in a smart and easily accessible building.

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Environmentally friendly solutions

Smart buildings

Smart buildings are becoming the standard. They are comfortable, healthy and safe for everyone who uses them, and they are energy efficient. Thanks to data analysis, the building automatically adjusts its consumption to the desires of visitors and employees. Just the thing you need in a climate-neutral public sector.

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Smart energy monitoring

Our IoT solutions will help your buildings save energy by remembering when and where people are in the building. Thanks to smart data analysis, heating, cooling and lighting are automatically adjusted to the number of rooms used and the number of people present. This saves energy without loss of comfort.

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Tracking of wellbeing and the environment

Smart sensors measure pollution and comfort in your community or workplaces. This is how you keep your locations safe and healthy, fully in line with the prevailing environmental and safety regulations.

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Working at home in a reliable way, office monitoring and data surveillance.

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The digital economy.

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