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  • Enrich the experience of your customers
  • Online as well as in-store
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The future-proof retailer is 'phygital'

Phygital, the shopping of tomorrow? Innovative technology and digital transformation can help you get the most out of in-store and online shopping.

Discover our innovative solutions for the retail of the future.

How to boost the in-store experience with the Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) and the Smart Retail Analytics?

Key elements

Entrance Monitoring

Covid-19 is responsible for a significantly changed shopping experience. With our solution “Entrance Monitoring”, Proximus proposes to facilitate shop access management but also to provide valuable insights to retailers and customers.

Customer interaction

Interact with your customers: inform, advise and offer them your unique expertise during the pre and post store phase. Real time online assistance and SMS services ensure that shoppers come back for more.

Know your customer

64% of shoppers say they feel retailers don't truly know them. Use location and in-store analytics to get better customer insights.

The "wow" customer experience

Centrally managed real-time data on electronic shelf labels, touchscreens, digital screens and info kiosks can influence instant purchase decisions and support in-store e-commerce.

Digitally empowered employee

The digitally empowered mobile employee is equipped with a tailored app on his or her mobile device. Access to an immense source of information transforms him or her into a true expert.

The connected always-on secured store

Before investing in technologies that collect data to be more efficient, you need a fast, reliable and secure network.


The Internet of Things enables you to monitor and manage energy, while Blockchain contributes to traceability of your goods and makes it possible for you to set up loyalty programs in eco-systems


Let's get phygital

Did you know that:

  • 60% of consumers think it's important to see or touch the products before purchase.
  • Mobile shopping doubled in the last 6 years.

Are you planning to invest in e-commerce or in-store technology to create a wow customer experience? How do you know what truly creates value for your store?

Proximity Monitoring

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing companies to observe strict safety measures. Proximity Monitoring can help your company to drastically limit the risk of infection and work in complete safety.

Customer stories

Smart electronic labels enhance shoppers' experience at Bierhalle

With hundreds of different drinks on its shelves, Bierhalle in Melle is the largest drinks superstore in Belgium. The company plans to use its digitization project to serve its customers better, collect more sales data and enhance the shopping experience.

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Decathlon is doing everything possible to improve its service to customers, both online and in shop.

Olivier Vermote

Carrefour BE

Most of the developments are customer-focused. Improving their experience, improving the available services.

Geoffroy Gersdorff, Carrefour