Banking 4.0

Digital & ICT transformation in the financial sector

  • Close the final digital gaps for customers and employees
  • Uphold safety, security and innovation
  • Be able to react to changing circumstances with agility
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Challenges of the finance industry

Finance companies face many challenges: they need to close the final digital gaps for their customers and their employees while upholding the highest standards in safety and security. They need to react to changing circumstances in an agile and innovative manner to stay relevant in this fast-changing landscape. No small feat. But with the right partners, more is achievable.

Key elements

The hybrid customer

Close the last non-digital gaps throughout the customer journey and achieve a 100% digital customer experience. Discover Interact (a social conversation management tool), bots and more.

100% digital employees

Now’s the time to embed good digital workplace habits. Go for a 100% digital employee experience, with our connectivity packs, myAssistant app, smart office solutions and more.

The hybrid experience center

Branches of financial service companies have become experience centers where the physical and digital seamlessly merge. Location analytics tells you where your ‘hybrid presence’ is most worthwhile.

Staying safe - a joint concern

The safety and (cyber-)security challenges in finance today? Finding the right people and continually garnering useful insights.

Solid foundations and agile operations

With software defined networks (SDx) and hybrid cloud solutions, you get a solid network and architecture that gives you the agility and flexibility you need to react swiftly.

From innovation to disruption

The finance industry is being disrupted, from within as well as from beyond. Discover our innovative projects in blockchain, AI, IoT and more