Digital transformation in media

Depending on your audience’s expectations, we provide content distribution solutions that break with the traditional vision on media. Our solutions cover the complete content cycle and invite your audience to consume content in their preferred way.

As major networks and studios continue to launch their own direct-to-consumer streaming services in 2020, competitors will likely scramble to offer content libraries broad enough to both attract and retain customers


The way audiences consume content has changed drastically

  • High–choice media offer access to more and more personalized information
  • New forms of participation and interaction with audiences are expanding

This new, increasingly digital, mobile and social experience has an effect on all aspects of creation and management of digital content. 
Current technological and market changes drive digital transformation in:

  • Broadcasting
  • Written press
  • Media production facilities
  • Advertisement companies
  • Production houses

Technological solutions cover all your needs

The complete content cycle, from creation to distribution and analysis of results

On the edge of the news

Unique content in crucial situations is what sets you apart from your competition. Technology and data support your needs as a content production team and enables storytelling from everywhere and anytime.

Digital Workforce

Working together from anywhere adds various skills to the production of your content. Invest in secure devices and applications to unify your team members and enhance collaboration.

The WOW venue experience

An excellent visitor experience starts even before your event takes place. Any interaction with your audience starts outside of your venue and needs to seamlessly guide your visitor along his or her experience.