On the edge of the news

Published on 12/05/2020 in Sectors

In fast-paced environments like content production teams, storytelling remains just as important and collaboration is equally crucial. We enable journalists to easily gather, produce and share stories to any platform from anywhere. Our solutions simplify your work and enhance the creation process of content distribution.

On the edge of the news

Produce high-quality rich media

Capture and produce rich media in crucial situations. As a content producer, you need a stable network for sharing video content for post-production. Maintain quality, continuity and stability while producing and sharing content.

Temporary connectivity from any location

Mobility is key for content producers. You need to be where the action is. Temporary connectivity enables you to create content anywhere. Our solution ensures contribution or distribution from every location.

MaM: Unite Your Media Content

The Media Asset Management system allows you to unite all your media content from different data streams. Automatic tagging and conversion of content enables you to manage any content from print to mobile.

Set up a central hub to manage all your content

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