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At Proximus NXT, we have a lot of expertise in house and in many fields.

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Whether it's about quantum communication, the many possibilities of 5G, the much talked about generative AI or everything related to cybersecurity, our ICT experts are passionate about these topics and would love to inform you about them.

Anne-Sophie Lotgering
Enterprise Market Lead
Proximus NXT

Raf Peeters
VP Cloud and Cybersecurity
Proximus NXT

Sandro Manzo
Artificial Intelligence Lead
Proximus NXT

Catherine De Saedeleer
Head of Fixed Connectivity & Smart Networks
Proximus NXT

Antoine Van Brussel
Head of Communicate & Collaborate
Proximus NXT

Jurgen De Klerck
5G Business Development
Proximus NXT

Kristof Spriet
Product & Solution Manager
Proximus NXT

Henk Destoop
Solution Sales Manager
Proximus NXT

Jan Sonck
Quantum & Cloud Innovation Orchestrator
Proximus NXT

Wouter Vandenbussche
Product Owner
Proximus NXT

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