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Fiber up to your enterprise

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Surf and share files 3 times faster

Outstanding quality for videoconferences

Work faster on all applications

Secure Internet without interruptions

Surf at the speed of light

From 95 euros/month


The advantages of fiber at the best price

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Your Internet accessible at all times, even during an outage


Speed and service levels tailored to your needs

What exactly is fiber?

Fiber is the technology of the future. A Fiber-optic cable transmits data over long distance at the speed of light. To ensure you the best possible performance, Proximus installs fiber at the heart of your home or business, unlike most other operators.


Wow, ultra-high-speed Internet!

Enjoy a faster response time

1 s

5 s

0.9 s

2.5 s

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Already more than 10.000 connected company buildings

Customer stories


Fast, high-quality customer service and better stock management thanks to fiber. Testimonial from Volvo!


Rochefort uses fiber to improve the quality of its Trappist beers and remotely manage its production. Learn how!

Martin's Hotel

Increase customer satisfaction and improve IT security? It’s possible with fiber!


Discover how VPK is using fiber to make its production more efficient, to enable it to respond more quickly in case of problems, and to reduce its travel costs!

Still have questions?

Our customer service answers all your questions:

How much does it costs to get connected to fiber?
What services can I use with my fiber line?
Do I need new or additional equipment to benefit from the fiber advantages?
Will I be able to keep my IP address when moving to fiber?

Another question? We certainly have an answer for you!

  1. Numbers based on a fiber connection speed of 350 Mbps.
  2. Numbers based on an copper/VDSL connection speed of 70 Mbps.

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