Ultra-fast fiber for companies

Fastest internet in Belgium, according to Ookla®

Proximus is the only Belgian operator to connect your company end-to-end to fiber, offering multi-gig internet speeds thanks to 10 Gbps technology available throughout Belgium.

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Can I have fiber?

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FullFiber Extended

Internet over fiber* for one or several locations not interconnected by a private network with choice of multi-gig speeds.

  • Fiber Up: 1 Gbps / 500 Mbps, 2-10 employees, 1 site
  • Fiber Fast: 2.5 Gbps / 1 Gbps, 0-50 employees, > 1 site
  • Fiber Express: 8.5 Gbps / 1,5 Gbps, > 50 employees, > 1 site, virtual reality
  • Up to 8.5 Gbps download and up to 1.5 Gbps upload
  • 1 static IP address and router included
  • Unlimited monthly data volume
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Repair within 5 working hours
  • Mobile Backup 
  • Voice over IP 
  • Pack Internet + fixed + mobile 
  • Temporary Internet Connection 
  • Free- Wi-FI for your customer 


Internet over fiber** for several locations interconnected by your MPLS Explore private network with choice of services: reporting, router, speed, ...


Choice of multi-gig speeds: coming soon

  • Up to 1 Gbps download and up to 200 Mbps upload
  • 1 static IP address and router included
  • Up to 32 additional fixed or dynamic public IP addresses as an option
  • Unlimited monthly data volume
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Repair within 5 working hours
  • Mobile Backup 
  • Voice over IP 
  • Extended SLA 
  • Next generation firewall 
  • Additional IP addresses 
  • Free- Wi-FI for your customer 

* Shared fiber connection, available in areas where shared fiber is rolled out.

** Shared or dedicated fiber connection, available throughout Belgium, including outside areas where shared fiber is rolled out.

How do I get fiber in my company?

Looking for assistance with fiber solutions

We understand that finding the right fiber solution for your business is important. Whether you have questions, need guidance, or require technical support our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way.

The 3 advantages of fiber

Multi-gig speeds so you can surf and share files three times faster than before.

A reliable connection for your cloud applications and video conferencing.

Very fast response time to work on multiple applications simultaneously, including in virtual reality.

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Why choose Proximus' fiber?

Fastest Internet in Belgium

Experience the fastest internet in Belgium with our 10 Gbps technology, ensuring lightning-fast speeds for your business.

All-in prices

Avoid unexpected costs with all-in pricing model, which offers transparency and peace of mind.

24/7 helpdesk

Helpdesk is 24/7 available to assist you, with support from experts just a phone call away.

Quick repairs

Benefit from quick repairs, with outages resolved from Monday to Friday 08:00-22:00 and Saturday 08:00-16:30 to minimize disruptions.

Fiber to the heart of your company

Enjoy end-to-end fiber connectivity with Proximus, the only Belgian operator that offers fiber installation directly to your business premises. Unlike VOO or Telenet, who install coaxial cables on your premises.

Customer stories

Fiber is a pleasure to work with

AskQ, a legal services provider, started operations in March 2021. It immediately opted for a hybrid form of working, in which cloud technology plays an important role.

AskQ is therefore one of the companies already connected to the Proximus fiber network. The startup decided not to install servers itself. For connectivity with its cloud applications, it relies on a robust and stable Internet connection.

"The whole company runs more smoothly thanks to fiberglass"

Fast-response business applications and the availability of real-time surveillance images are just two of the advantages that Watertechniek Teunissen experienced when they opted for fiberglass.

Watertechniek Theunissen

Frequently asked questions about fiber for large companies

Fiber is the technology of the future. The fiber cables transmit data over long distances at the speed of light and thus offer many advantages. To ensure you the best possible performance, Proximus installs fiber at the heart of your home or business, unlike most other operators.

  • Proximus' fiber has been designated “The fastest Internet in Belgium” by Ookla®.
  • Ookla® is the global leader in network performance measurement and monitoring with its famous Speedtest®, available on Speedtest.netNew window.
  • Based on analysis by Ookla®(PDF, 178 KB) of Speedtest Intelligence® data, speed score for Proximus fiber compared with main Belgian providers for February to April 2024.
  • Comparison of the highest maximum speeds (PDF, 103 KB) offered by Proximus, VOO, Orange and Telenet.

Before we connect your building to our network, we will perform a site survey to assess how we can best connect your building to our network. We will then provide you with a cost estimate, for which Proximus will contribute up to a maximum of €1.550 towards the installation. In most cases this means that connecting your building to our network is completely free. If there would be a cost for you, and you deem it to be unacceptable, you always have the possibility to cancel your order. The intervention, of up to €1.550 is valid for 3 months, starting from when you were informed about fibre-optic solutions for your company. For more information about the exact conditions of this offer, please do not hesitate to contact your Customer Support Officer or call 0800 55 200.

We provide all the equipment needed to receive the optical fiber signal free of charge, namely:

  • The connection box for bringing optical fiber into the building (the ONTP).
  • An optical modem (the ONT) which transforms the light signal into a digital signal.

From there, you can connect a router according to the solution you've chosen.

Yes, you will be able to keep your fixed IP address.

Some operators, such as VOO or Telenet, use fiber cables on part of their network, but fit a conventional coaxial (or coax) cable for the last section, the connection in your company. Proximus, on the other hand, is the first Belgian operator to install fiber from end to end, right into your company.

Fiber not only offers you the fastest and most stable Internet connection on the market, it is also the most environmentally friendly solution. Sending data via fiber generates very little energy. And up to 12 times less than with your current copper cable! So switching to fiber is an optimal decision for the environment and the climate. By phasing out the current copper cables, we are currently recycling 500 tons of copper per year and giving it a second life.

Fiber consists of glass made from silicon dioxide. Silicon disoxide is the second most abundant element on earth, after oxygen. It is found in sand, clay, rocks and even water. Its exploitation does not harm the environment

Compared to copper, the production of fiber does not have a large ecological footprint. According to the industry, the exploitation and production of 2 kg of copper wire (which is used for your current connection) results in the emission of 1,000 kg of CO2, while the emission for fiber is only 0.06 kg.