Communicate via media screens

Communicating more efficiently with customers and employees

  • Personalized media screens
  • Interactive customer experience
  • Keeping your digital content up to date in-house

Efficient and flexible

Always up-to-date via media screens

Improve the customer experience and share your message with a large audience via Business TV and Digital signage. The fields of application are countless, take, for example, healthcare, tourism, media and retail.

Media Asset Management (MAM) will help you manage the content displayed on the screens, which can also be used for other internal applications.

Business TV

Your visitors will be able to watch more than 65 television channels, most of them in HD, and listen to more than 20 radio stations. The platform is not only highly suitable for TV, but also for sharing personalized information.

  • Integrate proprietary applications, e.g. a property management system: display outstanding bills, personal greetings, order meals, etc.
  • Third-party services: weather forecast, traffic information, train and bus timetables, tourist activities, etc.
  • Business information, videos and photos
  • Proximus takes care of the installation, configuration and helpdesk, and can also provide support for setting up and configuring your local network
  • Ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, student dormitories, hotels, holiday resorts and the media sector

Digital Signage

Communicate better, faster, and more efficiently with your target group

  • Efficient, the information on the display is always clearly visible
  • Targeted and relevant, your message reaches the right target group in the right place at the right time, for example retail and museums
  • Cheaper and more eco-friendly than paper
  • Dynamic and flexible, display and change your message whenever you want
  • Facility Management and HR services will be able to communicate better with employees; it can also help them with training

Media Asset Management

Media Asset Management (MAM) centralizes and structures all the digital assets that you use for Business TV and Digital Signage, for example. You can share them safely and easily with your employees and partners. Efficient, the information on the display is always clearly visible.

  • Structured storage of photos, videos, icons, Word and PowerPoint documents, etc.
  • You dispose of a customized interface
  • Tags and metadata facilitate queries
  • Media Asset Management is commonly used in the media sector, sales and, marketing, but is also an asset for HR departments to manage training videos and courses

Customer stories

Pairi Daiza

Pairi Daiza elected the best zoo of Europe, offers an unforgettable stay in the heart of the park, with a great TV experience and on-demand content.

Tangla Hotel

Customers and businessmen are becoming more and more demanding. The Tangla Hotel Brussels has therefore decided to invest in a professional TV infrastructure and a content management system.