Interact with audiences and connect with customers

Published on 14/05/2020 in Sectors

Future-proof your venue visitor experience for increased retention. Capture crowd data and guide your visitors towards and inside your venue for a smooth experience: from eating locations to site maps and event information on screens or directly on visitor’s smartphones.

Interact with audiences and connect with customers
In 2019, 52.6% of event professionals invested more in event tech than the previous year

Spaceo Technologies

The best way to your venue

No smoother way of organizing an event when traffic flow is predictable. Our Mobility Solution sends in-app predictions about traffic and guides your visitors to the correct parking spot thanks to smart parking sensors.

39% of event professionals agree that ‘engaging attendees’ is the most crucial element of a live event

EventMB, 2019

Manage your crowd’s experience

Analyze movement patterns of crowds, predict waiting time in queues and optimize your visitors’ experience. Data from guest Wi-Fi, Crowd Mobile Analysis & Visitors Analytics make your event stand out.

Manage the best crowd experience remotely

Guide your visitors indoors

Traffic predictions, cash registers, restrooms, drink or food stands: your visitor doesn’t want to waste time looking for these services. Digital signage at your venue adds a wow factor, while enhancing a smooth venue experience.

Offer on-demand content at your venue

Customer stories: Pairi Daiza

Pairi Daiza, elected as the best zoo of Europe, offers an unforgettable stay in the heart of the park, with a great TV experience and on-demand content. Pairi Daiza enhanced its visitors’ experience.

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