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Big data improves your market insight

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Proximus Analytics

Proximus Analytics

MyAnalytics provides you with information based on location and date, such as data on visitors of a specific city or event.

When you understand your customers and their behaviour better, it allows you to develop new business ideas or adjust your strategy.

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This information is especially useful for:

  • Public sector: cities and municipalities
  • Retail
  • Mobility organisations
  • Touristic organisations

COVID-19 activity report

The governments' exit plan has an impact on the mobility and citizens' professional and private activities. Proximus Data Analytics tools allow you to measure and monitor these changes


Customer privacy is always guaranteed because there is no use of personal data.

Big data solutions

Visitor Analytics

Measure the number of visitors for a specific location (postal code, square, province,...)

E.g.: how many people visited my city's market during the summer months?

Event Analytics

Measure the number of visitors for a specific event

E.g.: how many people left the festival site before the last concert?

Journey Analytics

Measure the number of movements between point A and B

E.g.: which weekday is the busiest for this highway?

Crowd Management

Measure real-time how groups of people move about within a specific area

E.g.: When extra emergency services should be deployed when there are large numbers of people, for example a demonstration

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Knokke-Heist - Light festival

In smart cities, objective data is essential for policy development and assessment afterwards.

Anthony Wittesaele, Alderman of tourism, Knokke-Heist


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