Know your customer

Published on 03/01/2020 in Sectors

Optimize your marketing campaigns and new points of sale based on customer data from inside and outside your store.

Know your customer

The location of a store in relation to your customer base is crucial for success. Yet knowing the customer behavior in your store is even important. 

Get insights on:

  • Benchmark Location Analytics
    Analyse the performance of your shops compared to the competition or to other shops within your portfolio.
  • Advertising optimisation
    Identify the best way to communicate with your customers.
  • Customer Profiling
    Identify who your customers are or which ones you are missing.

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1. Location analytics

Enrich your analytics outside the store to determine the best location for a new point of sale:

  • Where do I open a location successfully?
  • Can I close a location? Which one?
  • What's my market share in each region or area?
Use data to decide on your next point of sale

2. Customer analytics

Insights in your customer's behavior helps you make adjustments that resonate better with your customers.

  • What's your customer like?
  • What is the behavior of your customer?
  • What's the available income of your customers?
  • Where can my ideal customer be found?
  • What is my customer doing outside my area?
  • How loyal is my customer?
  • Your visitors’ heat map
  • What are the best ways and channels to reach out to my customers?

Get insights on your customer behavior

Customer stories

Decathlon customers shop safely thanks to Entrance Monitoring

For Decathlon, innovation and digital transformation are two inseparable components of customer experience and internal efficiency. The proof is the Entrance Monitoring solution integrated into 25 of the 37 stores in Belgium.

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3. The retail dashboard

The retail dashboard is where everything comes together. It provides you with a bird’s eye view of all your customers:

  • Your current customers when used in an already existing location.
  • Your future customers, in case you’re considering opening a new branch.

Get insights on customer data from inside and outside your store.

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