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Connected objects and buildings

Data exchange by connecting machines, applications, and objects

Internet of Things (IoT)

Solutions for all sectors

Internet of Things makes our lives easier by connecting things with each other.

The data obtained ensures that you are aware of everything, that you optimize your processes and that you improve the experience for your customer.

Find out the many possible IoT applications and the role Proximus plays.

Modules for an IoT solution

We help you to find the best way to respond to your concerns by using various techniques, such as “design thinking”, where the customer experience is integrated into the solution. These make it possible to understand needs, to develop, test and improve solutions.

We have selected and integrated more than 30 standard sensors. These sensors are ready for plug-and-play installations. We have a broad partner ecosystem with the best IoT hardware to meet your company's specifications.

We have a wide choice of wireless (NB-IoT, LoRa, mobile, WiFi) and fixed networks (xDSL, fiber) with optimal coverage and quality. This gives us the capacity to set up both mobile and fixed private networks.

The data collected by sensors, via our network or through partners, is analyzed and compared using powerful tools developed by our data scientists.

With our subsidiary Proximus Spearit, we have highly qualified personnel to install all your IoT solutions and provide support at different locations.

The data is secured at three levels: at the sensor and terminal level, at the network level and finally at the platform level.

The data is available via reports and online platforms This provides you with charts and KPIs to help you obtain their full meaning.

If you do not want to use our data analysis and visualization platform, we can integrate this directly into your ICT. This can be done either via APIs or through custom integration via our specialized subsidiary Codit.

Once the data has been collected, we help you to interpret the results and take appropriate action. This reflection phase is of crucial importance. It can lead to a change in the company's strategy or business model.

What is Smart Monitoring?

Smart Monitoring connects sensors via plug-and-play and manages the data obtained. Monitor 15 different parameters, thanks to more than 30 sensors. Set alarms, locate sensors, analyze, and compare the obtained data.

Brightness - Battery - Humidity - Temperature - Push button - Noise - Power: pulse, current, voltage - Resistance - CO2 emissions - Air quality - Analog - Digital - Dry contact - Modbus register

IoT solutions for your industry


IoT enables you to better understand your customers, your environment and to manage your processes in order to better serve your customers and control your costs.


By means of co-creation, we determine together with you how you can optimize your business processes, and we help you to interpret the data correctly.

Logistics and transport

Various IoT solutions improve logistics processes, secure products, and guarantee the safety of your employees.

Public sector

How can we improve citizens' comfort, make shopping and tourist centers more dynamic and simplify the work of civil servants? IoT provides an answer.


IoT offers the healthcare sector a great opportunity to automate particular processes, guarantee the quality of certain services and increase the safety and comfort of patients.


IoT is a powerful tool to control and optimize energy consumption. In addition to the results for the environment and possibly for human health, it also helps to reduce costs.

Smart building

The data analysis of smart buildings promotes new ways of working. Building management is making way for user experience.

Get to know your customer better thanks to data analysis

Customer stories

How does a smart gas tank work? A sensor monitors the available volume of gas in a gas tank. Thanks to an IoT solution, the distributor can see which gas tanks they need to refill – and how urgent this is.

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Smart tank multigas

AXA Belgium uses Occupancy Analytics to manage its buildings optimally.

IPARC Smartcare measures temperature, humidity and brightness. This solution uses the LoRa connectivity available throughout Belgium. Ideal for places where a router or Wi-FI connection is not possible!

We equipped our own bobbins with IoT sensors. This way we can locate these bobbins throughout the country.

In the region of Mons, the intercommunale Hygea tests sensors to make glass containers intelligent.  This offers many advantages such as a more efficient collection, no more containers that are too full, etc.

Cities and municipalities must become more intelligent. Proximus offers many solutions to help them with this. Many applications are being build thanks to the new LoRa network. For example, a new project in Ixelles measures the air quality in the streets.

Cities and municipalities must become smarter and smarter. Proximus helps them with this. Thanks to the new LoRa network, many new applications are emerging. In Ixelles, for example, a project was launched to measure air quality in the streets.

Cold chain management at QualityGuard

 QualityGuard uses IoT for their cold chain management solutions.

Swissport uses IoT for Track & Trace.

COVID-19 will leave it's mark on various sectors

Proximus offers solutions to manage and analyse new ways of working and customer experience and behaviour

Entrance Monitoring

COVID-19 is responsible for a significantly changed shopping experience. With Entrance Monitoring, Proximus proposes to facilitate shop access management but also to provide valuable insights to retailers and customers.

COVID-19 activity report

The governments' exit plan has an impact on the mobility and citizens' professional and private activities. Proximus Data Analytics tools allow you to measure and monitor these changes.

Building Management

Employees going back to their offices after the lockdown causes a new challenge for building managers and facility managers. They have to deal with new regulations to ensure a healthy environment at work.