ICT challenges of your organization

Make your digital transformation successful

If the past few years have taught us anything about the need to adapt to changing conditions, it is that ICT can be a fantastic tool for transformation. From supporting employees to operational processes, from data collection to acquiring new customers. ICT offers new opportunities but they also come with challenges for your company.

Future-proof your flexible ICT infrastructure

Flexibility, agility, and resilience are essential in a digital-first organization with a continuously growing digital footprint. Critical systems vital to the company's smooth operation must be available 24/7.

  • Ensure the availability and security of networks
  • Monitor traffic across the entire complex ICT infrastructure
  • Maintain compatibility during migrations of various environments to the cloud

Catherine De Saedeleer, cloud expert

Build your sustainable workplace

Our work habits have undergone major transformations. Office spaces are being used less and less, requiring continuous reflection on the role of workspaces.

  • Foster smooth collaboration between on-site employees, telecommuters, and external partners
  • Enhance productivity by analysing the needs of different users and providing them with the right tools
  • Achieve smarter building management and energy cost optimization through IoT

Henk Destoop, Digital Workplace solutions sales manager

Adopt digital resilience

Numerous elements can disrupt operational processes. A robust cybersecurity strategy and the implementation of contingency plans for incidents are essential to ensure business continuity.

  • Continuous monitoring for sophisticated cyber-attacks
  • Dynamic application of cybersecurity across your evolving IT infrastructure
  • Creation of incident remediation scenarios (power outages, severe weather, etc.)

Wouter Vandenbussche, Cybersecurity services product lead

Bridge the ICT skill gap

The scarcity of expertise in certain critical domains puts pressure on HR budgets. Consolidating your ICT ecosystem with external resources ensures the continuity of your IT operational plan.

  • Identify projects that require external strategic advice
  • Outsource repetitive operational tasks
  • Maintain flexibility in outsourcing while balancing internal/external expertise

Antoine Van Brussel, Workplace Services Lead

Enhance customer & employee engagement

Technology has a significant impact on our interactions. Expectations for digital contacts are high, increasing the demand for seamless processes, quick response times, and optimal service.

  • Centralized management of interactions and conversations from different platforms
  • Optimization of user experience and accessibility of key information for your target groups
  • Utilization of appropriate digital tools (CRM, chatbots, voicebots...)

Stéphanie De witte, Product Manager Business Messaging

Deliver business foresight through data

Data is the essence of the digital economy. By harnessing collected data, you can optimize processes and enhance your customer experience. It is essential to maximize their utilization.

  • Automate and streamline data collection
  • Analyze and structure raw data with AI
  • Personalize user journeys while respecting GDPR guidelines

Luc Cogneau, Data Analytics Sales Account Executive