Enhance customer and employee engagement

  • Enhanced satisfaction rate
  • Management of large volumes of interactions
  • Ease of access to information

Add value across all your touchpoints

In a competitive environment where consumers actively share their experiences on social media, meeting their expectations becomes essential to ensure satisfaction and loyalty. We understand the importance of creating high-quality digital interactions, offering tools for smooth communication and immediate feedback.

By focusing on customer and employee satisfaction, we support you in creating an exceptional experience and help strengthen your reputation as a customer-centric company.

Stéphanie De witte, Product Manager Business Messaging


Contact center in the cloud

Fully virtualized platform that allows operators to manage call center teams regardless of their location.

  • Flexible and scalable servicing operations
  • Integration of telephony, social media and more
  • Improved quality of service and more personalized journeys

Chat- & voicebot services

Questions from your customers and employees can arise at any time. Bots help you address them efficiently.

  • 4/7 presence for your customers and employees
  • Faster information routing
  • More time to dedicate to complex requests

Social interaction platforms

Centralize incoming customer requests from different social media in a single interface.

  • Integration with CRM and chatbots
  • Automation of FAQ flows
  • Streaming of repetitive tasks

Business TV

All-in-one combination of TV services, signage and communication platform, ideal for the hospitality sector.

  • Over 65 TV channels
  • Scalable and flexible solution
  • Third-party and in-house app integration

Employee Internet packs

Contribute to the private Internet subscription of your employees so they enjoy qualitative and reliable connectivity.

  • A fiscally advantageous salary alternative
  • Office experience at home for your employees
  • Boost in motivation and engagement

Rich Communication Services (RCS)

Interact via customized, personalized, and automated messages including rich content.

  • Reduced workload for customer service
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Creative communication channel

Customer stories

"With our new Contact Center in the Cloud, operators no longer need to look at telephone, e-mail, SharePoint, or other sources separately. Everything comes together in a single platform."

Lode Schrauwen, ICT Head of Services at De Watergroep

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"Thanks to chatbots, the turnaround time for sick leave has dropped from 8 hours to 28 minutes."

Kelly De Regge, Mid-Office manager at Start People

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"We are working towards further integration of WhatsApp within our customer service following the successful rollout within the healthcare sector."

Nicolas Van Kerschaver, director of digitization at Liantis

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"Our digital screens are an important source of information for our guests and provide additional entertainment."

Sebastien Momerency, Commercial Director Plopsa Group

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"Packs for Employees allow us to offer employees a fast and reliable connection that their family can also enjoy."

Marc Senterre, Directeur Informatique

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"In the context of communication concerning advance billing, Proximus implemented the robot-calling very creatively, which no other party on the market could offer."

Sabine D'haen, Director Billing & Collections at Luminus

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Questions about benefits-in-kind?

Providing a private Internet subscription is considered as a benefit in kind for your employees. If you indicate this benefit and its value on your employee's salary slip, you will then be able to fully deduct the payment for the Internet subscription. Our Pack for Employee solution is approved by the tax authorities and the National Social Security Office.

There are multiple types of benefits in kind a company can offer to its employees: company car, contribution to gas and electricity fees, etc. A private Internet subscription is one of the most popular benefits in kind. Offering such benefit to your employees can help to attract and retain new talent and improve your image as an employer.

Questions about how to increase customer satisfaction rate?

 Business TV is a solution that’s designed to address situations where many TVs need to be connected, typically in the Hospitality sector (elderly care homes, hospitals, hotels, etc). With 60+ channels, Business TV offers viewers a similar experience to residential TV, but the platform also supports personalized information functionalities so that TVs act like Digital Signage screens. Think for example of weather forecasting, public transport timetables, activity programs or cafeteria menus. Even third-party apps can be integrated to enhance customer experience.

Voicebots use speech recognition and natural language processing models. The main benefit they offer is call automation, using a simple and structured conversation model. There are generally two patterns they can be used in: inbound call treatment or outbound call placement.

  • Inbound calls
    In the case of inbound call assistance, voicebots detect the nature of inquiries and then route people towards the channel where the information can be found. They can also directly provide answers to frequently asked questions. In this case, the bot can integrate with your business applications to automatically log requests, or other information from your customers.
  • Outbound calls
    In the case of outbound call placement, voicebots will automatically call customers to either provide confirmations, reminders, or even ask them to choose between different options provided.

Conversational messaging on any text channel (SMS, WhatsApp, RCS, messenger, web chat and others) is an ideal way to manage customer interactions. Not only are chat conversations easier to automate, but they are also perfectly suited to route incoming inquiries to the right person, even without the need for a "contact center" infrastructure. Conversational messaging can also be an effective way in outbound communication to reach out to customers or to start conversations with employees.

Classic contact center software is installed locally on company computers and servers whereas contact center in the cloud software is hosted on the provider's server and is accessed through a web browser. A cloud-based contact center solution offers high flexibility, reliability, and security, and enables real-time access to systems and data from a variety of devices, regardless of location. It also allows for quick and simple integration with a variety of business applications (CRM, ERP, chatbots, etc.). In short, it brings less overhead, less IT dependencies, and more features than the classic contact center.

ICT creates opportunities

Exceeding customer and employee expectations requires increased flexibility, both in terms of ICT infrastructure and organization. In addition to a broad range of interaction management solutions, Proximus supports you in the transformation of your business.