Internet for employees

A fiscally advantageous salary alternative

With Pack for Employees, we offer you the opportunity to pay for or contribute to the private Internet subscription of your employees: a nice gift for them and a fiscally unbeatable salary alternative for you. It strikes the right balance between the interests of your company and the expectations of your employees.

Competitive and attractive

With Packs for Employees, you as an employer pay part of the costs of your employee's private Internet subscription. Interesting for you and for your employee.

Why choose Packs for Employees?

Advantageous for your company

Much less expensive than a salary increase.

100% deductible

Providing a private Internet subscription is a benefit in kind for your employees. The tax authorities have fixed its value at €60 per year. If you indicate this benefit and its value on your employee's salary slip, you will then be able to fully deduct the payment for the Internet subscription.


The Packs for Employees program is approved by both the tax authorities and the National Social Security Office. So there’s no more need for any expenses reports and supporting documents. Moreover, you can add or remove beneficiary employees via your MyProximus customer zone: it couldn't be simpler...

A powerful way of boosting motivation and engagement

A private Internet subscription is one of the most popular benefits in kind. It significantly helps to attract and retain new talent and improve your image as an employer.

Advantageous for your employees

Nice savings on their Proximus bill

Depending on the amount of your contribution, you offer your employees savings on their private telecom expenses. They also receive free advantages: installation and activation of their Internet connection, modem and Norton security program.

A connection perfectly adapted for private use and for teleworking

You offer a benefit which your employees and their family members can take advantage of. And if your company practices teleworking or is thinking of doing so, your employees can use the same connection to work from home.

A Proximus Pack for everyone

If they want, your employees can add a landline, mobile and TV to the Internet subscription that you provide to them. Our Packs offer an infinite number of possibilities, for significantly lower rates than the standard prices.

How does it work?

Are you an employee?

Your employer has concluded an agreement with Proximus for Packs for Employees.

Thanks to this agreement, your employer helps pay for your home Internet subscription. A nice gift that lightens your budget!

Looking for more information?

Customer stories

Support digital among your employees

More and more employers are using digital applications to improve efficiency in their company. Prayon, active in the phosphates sector, has equipped many of its employees with a mobile phone and a permanent Internet connection.

Combine teleworking and a fringe benefit

At Boss Paint, HR policy revolves around the work-life balance: a company restaurant, an ironing service, flexible work hours and, of course, an Internet connection at home.