Future-proof your flexible ICT infrastructure

  • Easier management of your infrastructure
  • Optimized IT budget
  • Resilient cybersecurity

Manage data with a powerful ICT ecosystem

In order to stay competitive in a constantly evolving world, your company must adapt to changes. A traditional ICT infrastructure may no longer provide the required management flexibility, making maintenance more challenging.

We are aware of these challenges, and we offer modular components to facilitate the efficient coordination of all elements of your infrastructure. We support you in integrating the most powerful technologies for a smooth transition to an optimal digital environment.

Catherine De Saedeleer, cloud expert


Reliable network connections

A fast, stable, and secure network is essential to enhance your company operations.

  • Development of secure private networks
  • Integrated quality of service (QoS)
  • Optimal performance thanks to fiber

Software-defined networks

These networks are driven by a software layer, allowing much easier management.

  • Prioritization of network traffic
  • Integrated security with SASE
  • Seamless integration with MPLS

Flexible cloud solutions

Maximize your IT agility. We help you find the optimum balance with our hybrid cloud solutions.

  • Partnerships with HCL, Microsoft and Google
  • Data storage in Belgian data centers
  • Maximum protection with the sovereign cloud

Fast mobile networks

The productivity of your business goes hand in hand with mobility and accessibility.

  • Best mobile network coverage in Belgium
  • Widest 5G spectrum and customizable private network solutions
  • Indoor coverage specifically for companies

Integrated security

Cyberattacks can bring your organization to a standstill. It's important to implement a company-wide security approach.

  • 350+ security specialists
  • Security Operations Center in Belgium
  • Built-in security on network components (firewalls, anti-DDoS systems, etc.)

Services & support

Designing and maintaining your ICT entirely by yourself is time-consuming and expensive. Outsourcing can be an interesting alternative.

  • End-to-end expertise from design and rollout to management
  • Support for cloud and security
  • 800 certified experts

What type of cloud best suits your business?

Customer stories

"A mobile private network allows you to enjoy all the benefits of 5G, but in a local environment."

Serge Vanhoffelen, Head of Customer Solutions at Ericsson

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"SD-WAN enables us to roll out new applications and to include new sites on the network."

Frank Verschueren, CSO at Armonea

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"We support Autofix's growth with a cloud-first strategy; applications in the cloud are easy to scale and manage."

Christophe Declercq, business manager of Autofix

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"All the applications go through a secure container, in order to have a safe and high-performing device."

Pascal Rooms, ICT Coordinator at the SNCB

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Questions about network and cloud solutions for my company?

Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) and software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs) are two methods for sending data via an optimal routing over a network. They allow you to connect different sites of a company with each other. Yet technically, they are two very different things.

MPLS connections are intended only for the users of those connections. They are direct, stable, and reliable, but require more expensive hardware and are less flexible.

SD-WAN uses a software layer to control data traffic efficiently. The software can perfectly thrive on different types of underlying connections (such as fiber, 4G or Wi-Fi) and allows the entire network to be managed and secured centrally. Among other things, SD-WAN makes it possible to give business-critical applications priority within a specific type of connectivity.

Does an organization have various Internet connections or MPLS and a broadband connection? Then SD-WAN will spread the traffic over those possibilities in a smart way. The SD-WAN model does not rule out the use of MPLS. MPLS can be one of the network methods that you control via SD-WAN. 

Public? Private? Onsite? Or hybrid? The ideal cloud environment for your organization depends on various factors and varies from one organization to another. By answering 10 questions you’ll quickly discover the most suitable cloud strategy that aligns with your business requirements.

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A 5G Private Network is a secure and private mobile data network that allows employees and connected devices to constantly exchange large data volumes. These 5G MPNs have a very high bandwidth, very high reliability, and extremely low latency.

Various factors influence the cost of both a cloud and an on-premise infrastructure. Therefore, there is no unequivocal answer to the question of which cloud environment is the cheapest. A lot depends on the needs of the business. For some businesses on-premise is cheaper than cloud, and vice versa. If you are considering switching to the cloud to cut costs, be sure that you examine and understand both the financial advantages and disadvantages.

Read more in our brochure about which technologies you should consider, why you need a cloud strategy and how a trusted partner can help you.

The term SASE stands for Secure Access Service Edge and refers to the secure access it offers to your company’s applications and data. SASE combines network and security management of on-premise, private and public cloud environments. SASE unites the building blocks SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network), which focuses on network management, and SSE (Security Service Edge), which focuses on security. Everything is offered as one combined and integrated cloud service.

Read more about how SASE increases the maturity of your IT security.

ICT creates opportunities

Automation, AI, and hybrid working continue to transform our society. As a provider of digital services and communication solutions, Proximus advises companies on how they can maximize these opportunities.