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IT Security solutions

Secure your infrastructure and workplaces

Secured infrastructure

A reliable business starts with a secure network. Secure your network and infrastructure against sophisticated attacks and prevent your company's applications and websites from becoming inaccessible.

Protect your infrastructure easily with the following plug-and-play security solutions from Proximus. Or contact our experts for a tailored security strategy.

Next Generation Firewall for Explore and Fiber Max

Next Generation Firewall as a Service

Advanced firewall that protects your Explore network, and your organization's devices and employees connected to it. Since this firewall is located in our network, we will keep it up-to-date for you. And thanks to a direct access to the firewall, you are able to manage and change the security rules yourself. And here you can also consult the online dashboards and reports.

We offer packages with different bandwidth, for Explore and Fiber Max, fully integrated and always up-to date.

Next Gen Firewall Large

Max 1 Gbps aggregated bandwidth

Next Gen Firewall XL

Max 2 Gbps aggregated bandwidth

Next Gen Firewall XXL

Max 4 Gbps aggregated bandwidth

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Combine options for additional security or functionality as needed.

Advanced security

Additional security layer: content and URL filtering, protection against malware and zero-day attacks (sandboxing protection) and intrusion prevention (IPS).

SSL teleworking

Allows remote users to connect securely from anywhere on the Internet to your Explore Network.

Redundant firewall

If one of two firewalls fails, the other takes over. In this setup, you can also opt for an advanced Service Level Agreement.

Integration with your directory service

Create firewall rules based on users and groups from your directory service.

Training, consultancy and management

We offer several options to help you maintain the firewall. From trainings for your administrators to full management and monitoring.


Find technical support information and the manual for the management of the Explore Next Generation Firewall here.

Protection against DDoS attacks

Protection against DDoS attacks

Keep Internet access to your organization's website and applications available at all times, even during a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS attack), such as volumetric attacks, TCP State-Exhaustion attacks and Application Layer attacks.

For each type of attack, we offer a solution that will help keep your organization accessible.

DDoS Protection

For Professional Internet and Explore Fibermax Monosite. Protection against volumetric attacks:

  • Detection and mitigation of volumetric DDoS attacks
  • Automatic DDoS mitigation, or on customer request

Explore DDoS Wall

For Explore Intense Monosite and Explore Multisite. Advanced protection against volumetric attacks with SLA:

  • Detection and mitigation
  • Automatic DDoS mitigation, or on customer request
  • Reporting
  • Personalized detection and mitigation template
  • Attack notifications
  • Integration with onsite DDoS Protection possible
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Onsite DDoS Protection

For data centers.

  • Protection against:
    • TCP State-Exhaustion attacks
    • Application Layer attacks
  • Integration with Explore DDoS Wall possible to activate this solution when a volumetric DDoS attack is detected

MTD (Mobile Threat Defense) option

Mobile Threat Defense, protect your employees' mobile devices

Mobile Threat Defense is an advanced security option that protects your employees' mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) against various types of threats.

These threats can be phishing-, device-, network- or app-related. Security is provided by means of a security app that is installed and activated on each of your mobile devices that you wish to secure.

With access to the Mobile Threat Defense portal, you as an administrator can manage the security rules yourself, with direct access to online dashboards, reports and security alerts.

Mobile Threat Defense offers protection against the following threats:


  • Email phishing
  • SMS phishing (smishing)
  • Social media phishing
  • etc.


  • OS/kernel exploitation (Android/iOS)
  • Configuration/system changes
  • SMS
  • USB/SD card exploitation
  • etc.


  • Reconnaissance attacks
  • Man-in-the-Middle
  • SSL stripping
  • SSL decryption
  • Fake Wi-Fi access points
  • etc.


  • Malicious apps
  • Known and unknown malware
  • Sideloaded apps
  • etc.

This option is available on different Proximus Mobile Connect subscriptions.

As an administrator, you can configure the security policy yourself on the MTD portal.

If desired as an option, Proximus can further assist you with configuring and fine-tuning your security policy.

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You want to find more technical support, the end-user guide and the Mobile Threat Defense option management guide, ...?

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) security

Software Defined WAN

Fully integrated and centralized security for your SD-WAN network.

Secure hybrid cloud

Secure hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud security is a shared responsibility: your service provider secures the underlying infrastructure and you secure your data. Solutions: Application protection, Firewall in the cloud, Hybrid security, Virtual firewall, DDoS protection,...

Tailor-made infrastructure protection

Tailor-made infrastructure protection

In addition to plug-and-play solutions, Proximus also offers infrastructure security solutions that are fully tailored to the needs of your organization.

Secure workplace

Protect your devices and data from security threats such as ransomware, DDoS and phishing. Prevent leaks of information that is crucial for keeping the organization running. Even if your employees work at home.

Protect your employees and workplaces easily with the following plug-and-play security solutions from Proximus. Or contact our experts for a tailored security strategy.

Secure your digital workplace

Secure your digital workplace

Ensure a safe and productive mobile fleet and keep your costs under control. 

Solutions: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Endpoint Protection, Single Sign On (SSO), Unified Endpoint Management, Mobile Threat Protection, etc.

Secure your e-mail traffic

Secure your e-mail traffic

Prevent phishing and spam and protect your confidential business information from malware and intentional or accidental leaks.

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Securing digital identity

Securing digital identity

Manage and secure the digital identity of your employees with the Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions from Proximus.

Tailor-made workplace protection

Tailor-made workplace protection

In addition to plug-and-play solutions, Proximus also offers workplace security solutions that are fully tailored to the needs of your organization.

What our customers say

"All SNCB applications run on the device from inside a shielded container, in order to have a secure, high-performance device."

Pascal Rooms, ICT coordinator at SNCB

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"We consciously opted for smartphones as a service. At Familiehulp we focus on our core business, i.e. what we do with our hearts. Smartphone management is beyond that scope."

Griselda Symons, Director of ICT policy at Familiehulp

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"Working more secure, as a result of endpoint security and the simpler management that comes with the network's software-defined setup."

Bram Deprettere, IT-manager at Vandelanotte

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"We can now guarantee the security of confidential information for projects commissioned by the government and international organizations."

Tom Van den Abeele, IT Manager at B2Ai

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"This security-as-a-service approach benefits everyone. [...] The final result is better than when you undertake the exercise on your own.

Marc Vandersmissen, IT Manager at FPS Finance and Ivan Verborgh, IT Manager at FPS Justice

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Stronger together against cybercrime

Together with you, we select the partners and technology that best suits your organisation's specific needs and requirements. Proximus is also a member of various organizations, such as the Cyber Security Coalition, where the exchange of cybersecurity knowledge is key. As a result, you can always rely on the most up-to-date information and the most suitable services from our security professionals.