Protecting your smartphone against scams

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What is MTD?


MTD or Mobile Threat Defense is an option that protects your smartphone against potential cyber attacks and threats. Scammers try to get information from you via text, email, social media, and applications. With the MTD app , you as a user protect your smartphone against attacks that can affect your network, system, or applications. As an administrator, you have access to a secure MTD portal where you determine company policy for your employees and manage any threats that arise.

Would you like more information? As administrator for your company, you can contact your Proximus contact or partnerOpens a new window . The team will discuss with you how the MTD option can be added to your mobile contract.

Install the app


To start with the app as a user, the administrator for your company must first make a request to activate the option. Once the option is active, you will receive an email to install and activate the app on your smartphone. You will receive the email at the email address provided by the administrator. If you have not received an activation email, please check your spam or junk folder.
Did you receive the activation email? Keep it within reach, we explain what you have to do in 3 steps:

  1. Via Settings, check the Android or iOS version of your device, which must be at least Android 5.1 or iOS 10.
  2. Open the activation email on your smartphone.
  3. In the email, tap the link relevant for you to open Google Play store (Android) or App store (iOS).
  4. Tap Install to install the ZIMPERIUM MTD app.
  5. Tap Open.
  6. The app is successfully installed when you see the welcome screen.
  7. Go to the next step.

You have 2 options to activate the app:

  • Via QR-code:
    1. Open the activation email on your laptop or PC.
    2. Open the MTD app on your smartphone.
    3. On the welcome screen, tap the QR Code. The Microsoft and Company Domain buttons are not relevant and can therefore be ignored.
    4. Give the app access to your smartphone's camera to scan the QR code.
    5. Scan the QR code that you received in the activation email with your smartphone.
    6. Go to the next step.
  • Via URL:
    1. Open the activation email on your smartphone.
    2. Tap the Activate zIPS link in the email.
    3. Go to the next step.

Depending on the company policy set by your administrator, you will need to grant permission to detect your location after activation.

  1. Tap Continue.
  2. Tap While using the app so that you only share your location then.
  3. Tap Continue to access your device's storage and protect it from malicious software.
  4. Tap zIPS not allowed.
  5. Check Allow access to manage all files.
  6. Depending on what your administrator has set up, you will be prompted to start a local VPN that protects you from malicious web links. Tap Continue.
  7. Tap OK.
  8. Depending on what your administrator has set up, you can manually check web links via the app. Tap Show me if you want to learn more about this. If not, tap Skip.
  9. Tap Done.
  10. You have completed all the steps and now arrive at the dashboard of the MTD app (zIPS) to get you started.

Get started


The MTD app protects your smartphone against scams. Depending on the company policy set by your administrator, you will be notified in the event of a threat and can respond to it. You can also perform a manual security scan on your device. You can download the user manual in Dutch(PDF, 4 MB, in Dutch) or French(PDF, 4 MB, in French) or you do you prefer a concise explanation? Below are the most common interactions:

In the dashboard, you will see 3 categories of threats:

  1. Device Safety: indicates the security status of device-related threats, such as a vulnerable Android version or a hacked device. If a threat is detected, tap the icon to view the details.
  2. Network Safety: displays the security status of the cellular network or your Wi-Fi connection. Possible threats include a hacker squeezing between you and your payment information, an unsecured connection between your browser and the website you're visiting, or fake Wi-Fi access points. If a threat is detected, tap the icon to view the details.
  3. Apps Safety: Indicates the security status of the installed apps. Potential threats are unauthorized applications that expose your device to breaches. Apps are scanned anyway when downloaded and installed. When you open a file, you are asked how you want to open it. Click on zIPS Install Scan to scan the file. If the app is suspicious, you will be asked if you want to remove it. If a threat is detected, tap the icon to view the details.

You can see the security status by category (Device Safety, Network Safety and Apps Safety):

  • Red cross: a critical threat has been found. Depending on the threat, recommendations are made to stay protected.
  • Orange exclamation mark: a risk has been detected. Depending on the threat, recommendations are made to stay protected.
  • Green tick: no risks or critical threats have been detected.

Displays the threats detected by the app during the last 7 or 30 days. Tap the icon to see more details about the security tests and threats.

The availability of this functionality is subject to configuration by your administrator.

On the go, your device can connect to open Wi-Fi networks. A lot of these Wi-Fi networks are fake and hackers can trick you into connecting to their own Wi-Fi access point. You can consult the Danger Zone map before connecting to an open Wi-Fi network. High risk areas are indicated with a red icon and should therefore be avoided. If you do not consult the MTD app before connecting, you will receive a warning and you can choose to disconnect.

Depending on your administrator's configuration, you can receive security notifications via the MTD app in several ways.

  • Dashboard: this is the home screen of the app and provides you with an overview of the security statuses of your device, network, and apps.
  • Threat Log: provides you with an overview of security threats, including those with low risk.
  • Badge notificatie: visible in the top left corner by tapping the app icon.
  • Gebruikerswaarschuwingen: these are pop-up notifications that can be activated by your administrator for each threat category.

The MTD app protects you against unsafe websites and links. For example, phishing, whereby scammers try to steal personal information or money via a fake link or website. Depending on your administrator’s configuration, access to the (web) link will be denied or you will receive a warning. A warning shows the category (e.g. gambling, malware, hacking). If you think the category is not correct, you can ask your administrator to add the website to the correct category.

How does the app protect you against phishing?:

  • A long press on a (web) link or URL enables you to share the link with the MTD app. The app will notify you whether the link is secure.
  • Activating a local VPN allows the app to directly check the security of the web links visited. If a company VPN is already active on your device, the VPN connection via the MTD app will be terminated. Your device can only be connected to one VPN. The VPN will be automatically activated via the app when you disconnect your company VPN.

This page provides an overview of all the threats detected on your device. Threats that are still active are displayed at the top of the page, while resolved threats are grayed out at the bottom of the page. Delete them by swiping left and moving them to trash.

Details are shown for each threat:

  • A description of the threat.
  • The date the threat occurred.
  • Recommendations on possible actions you can take.

When you want to install an app on your device, you can use this functionality to check whether the app is safe. You can search for an app via the search bar; you will then get a privacy and security score for this app.

Questions & answers


Check whether you have already installed the MTD app on your smartphone. If you have, please contact your administrator for further assistance.

No, you can only activate and use the app on one device at a time.

Remove the MTD app from your old device and install the app on your new device. Activate the app on your new device using the activation email you originally received. Contact your administrator if you no longer have the activation email so that a new one can be sent to you.

If your current employer cancels your subscription, the MTD option will automatically expire, and you will no longer be able to use the app. If your new employer takes over your subscription, it can decide to reactivate the MTD option. You will then receive a new activation email. Then click on Use New Activation Link in the email.

Depending on the company policy set, your administrator can block Wi-Fi access, Bluetooth and company email if they detect certain threats on your device.

The device information your administrator can or cannot see depends on the privacy settings of the solution set by your administrator. You can view this via the Privacy Policy section in the MTD app menu.

Contact your administrator for this to get the configuration adjusted.