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Azure Security Technical Assessment

Boost the security level of your Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

An Azure Security Technical Assessment reveals your cybersecurity priorities.

  • Find out to which current and future threats your Microsoft Azure cloud environment is vulnerable
  • Get an overview that orders your security issues by priority
  • Discover the most efficient strategy for tackling these issues

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment

Identify your security risks and prioritize the appropriate measures.

Are your ICT and security resources limited? Get perfect insight into the state of your security with a Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment.

  • Assess your cybersecurity level against the CIS Controls Implementation Group 1 standard
  • Prioritize the measures most likely to reduce your biggest security threats

GDPR Advice Services

Detect security vulnerabilities and render them GDPR compliant.

Are you data protection legislation compliant? Or not... GDPR Advice Services instantly clears it up for you.

  • Assess your GDPR compliance
    • Detect vulnerabilities
  • Get advice on potential fixes
    • Benefit from a security solutions proposal that offers maximum protection

WLAN Site Survey

Have your WLAN devices installed where they belong and detect sources of interference.

Send us a request, and we’ll carry out measurements on your building(s) to optimize your WLAN network.

  • That includes determining the best locations for access points, antennae, installation equipment, etc.
    • Technical data for your installer
    • The perfect base for a Cabling Site Survey
  • Detection of sources of interference

Workplace Readiness Assessment

Set up the perfect hybrid workplace for your employees.

Have your workplace assessed and custom-designed to fully meet your demands and those of your work environment. Here’s what that entails:

  • Detailed insight into the correct
    • Implementation
    • Migration
    • Integration
    • Configuration
  • An overview of your current environment’s obstacles and issues of concern
  • Recommendations for resolving those issues


Workplace Vision, Strategy & Roadmap

Gear your digital workplace to your staff’s digital experience.

Take advantage of this service to define your ideal digital workplace and create tangible business objectives based on a SWOT analysis.

  • Gain insight into your employees’ digital workplace experience
  • Define new digital workplace services and solutions that match your strategic objectives and the demands of your various workloads

Meeting Room & Space Assessment

Equip your meeting rooms with videoconferencing tailored to your business and staff.

We analyze your meeting room design and technical equipment in order to customize your videoconferencing system to your needs and specifications. What you get:

  • A technical and environmental assessment of your conference/meeting rooms
  • Identification of the videoconferencing system that will deliver the best experience 
  • Recommendations for the best
    • Implementation
    • Integration
    • Expansion

Customer Engagement Strategy Assessment

Give your customers the best possible customer experience when they contact you.

Transform from a contact center into a customer engagement platform. A platform like that will ensure that your customers always reach the right people without any hassle, no matter what channel they use.

  • Get insight into:
    • Your customer interactions
    • Your customers’ actual experiences
  • Chart the best roadmap to a digital customer experience.
  • This assessment helps you:
    • Establish the best possible omnichannel strategy
    • Understand why self-service and automation improve your service
    • Set up a digital workplace so that your employees can work anywhere

Design Thinking

Get inspired to design solution-driven technologies tailored to your business.

Design Thinking encourages a creative, out-of-the-box, innovative mindset about new technologies. We offer:

  • A quick, objective definition of your most relevant needs
  • Modeling of new solutions:
    • What technology do you need?
    • Why do you need it?
    • How should you use it?
  • Mock-up or conceptual prototype of a service, product, or experience 

Workplace Solution Take Over Assessment

Transition seamlessly to a Proximus-managed digital workplace.

Still haven’t set up a digital workplace? Or is it managed by someone else, and you’d like to switch to Proximus? What you get:

  • A thorough inventory and assessment of:
    • your current hardware, software, and configuration
    • the workplace services supplied by your current provider
  • A list of recommendations for a smooth Proximus takeover of your digital workplace services


Citizen Development

Boost your productivity by upgrading and automating complex and recurring tasks.

Help your employees be more productive; automate their tasks with a script or an application. Your benefits:

  • Optimized business processes
  • Smoother work practices
  • More time for other tasks that boost productivity
  • Faster, better access to your business information
  • Higher employee satisfaction and efficiency

Assist & Care

Keep your organization running 24/7 and ensure your ICT infrastructure evolves with you.

Proximus keeps your ICT infrastructure operational 24/7 with:

  • Services and expertise
  • Innovations and upgrades
  • Incident and request follow-up
  • Monitoring, reports, and documentation
  • Guaranteed service levels (SLAs)


New ICT infrastructure customized to your organization:

  • Your new infrastructure designed by certified architects
  • Coordination, follow-up, planning, and budgeting by project managers
  • Technical implementation of your new solutions by qualified engineers


Proximus manages your ICT infrastructure. Choose from 3 service models:

  • Reactive Care: 24/7 support
  • Close Care: management by Proximus
  • Full Care: Close Care + proactive and preventive monitoring


User Adoption Services

Successfully roll out new tools and technologies at your business.

Are you looking to introduce new tools to your business? We partner with you to ensure that the implementation is smooth, and that your employees use the new tools. 

Do you have plans to implement a change process at your business? User adoption will boost:

  • Your return on investment (ROI)
  • Your project’s success factor
  • Your company’s success

Why Proximus User Adoption? We:

  • Apply the Proximus Change Management method
  • Coach your employees when new tools are commissioned

Ensure that your employees embrace and support the change by translating your vision into their tangible, change-induced benefits