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Improve support via chatbots

Automated written and oral interactions

  • Automate the most frequent answers
  • Give your employees more time
  • Keep the possibility for human interaction


Chatbots and voicebots simulate a human conversation by answering written or oral questions with programmed messages.

Written questions are submitted via a chat on the customer's website or social network application.

Oral questions come in via a phone call or a voice-activated device with a smart speaker.

These applications are available in the Cloud.

Digitalize your communication

4 tools for customer & employee interactions

Automate answers to client frequently asked questions

Today, the customer chooses his favourite communication channel and it is the company's duty to be present on those channels. A chatbot makes this possible and provides many advantages:

  • 24/7 presence for your customers
  • Employees have more time to offer specific, tailor-made support
  • Consistent answers to customer questions in all circumstances
  • Satisfaction among customers who would rather talk to an employee than write down their questions

Did you know that...

  • More than 60% of companies see an improvement in customer satisfaction by using AI chatbots (Source: Forrester Consulting)
  • 95% of companies believe that customer service will be the first to benefit from virtual robots (Source: Mindbowser)
  • Visitors who contact a company via chat or phone expect a response within 1 minute (So: THoCC)

Why a Proximus chatbot for your company?

  • The conversation takes place in natural and local language. The chatbot improves itself during contact with visitors.
  • Written messages from applications or websites can be managed via a central platform (contact centres of #Interact).
  • Voicebots are activated or configured on the traditional fixed or mobile phone line.
  • Support by design thinking, conversation design, training, managed services and technical integration.
  • You can build your chatbot yourself without any programming skills.

Is your chatbot short of answer?

Your chatbot isn't able to handle all questions, especially the most complex ones. Sometimes human intervention is needed to avoid leaving your visitor without an answer.


By combining Proximus Chatbot with the #Interact solution, your chatbot automatically puts the call through to a physical employee, who is better able to continue the conversation with the customer.


Improve client service

The chatbot is a valuable assistant for your client service staff. Basic questions are automated, reducing queues in contact centres. Customers are referred to the most relevant contact person. This way, your employees have more time for more complex tasks, analysing customer needs and generating quality leads.

Make it easier for your employees

With social distance and home working, employees need reassurance and a strong connection to their company more than ever. Simple questions to HR such as absences, fringe benefits, training registrations, can easily be delegated to a bot. This leaves HR staff available to deal with more personal or sensitive issues.

Reduce ticket overload

According to IDC, 80% of employees would rather find a solution to their IT problems themselves than contact the internal helpdesk. A chatbot or voicebot is perfectly capable of responding in real time to requests such as resetting a password, ordering hardware, opening or updating applications.

Improve your agenda management

Did you know that a manager spends on average ½ day a week planning appointments? A virtual assistant is therefore THE solution to help companies and institutions organise their planning. He can communicate with your contacts and ask them the right questions, he can suggest a time slot in your agenda and send invitations to the parties concerned.

Customer stories

A voice robot helps elderly people at home

Eldery people who wish to continue living at home often need extra help to manage their daily lives. Phil at Home, a digital service platform for the elderly, uses a Proximus voicebot to answer all their questions, day and night.

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Chatbot responds directly to customer requests

A question about your car leasing? A chatbot provides immediate answers 24/7. That way, the contact centre staff can focus on the difficult questions.

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Start People uses chatbot to spread workload

Start People digitizes the interaction with its agency staff. A chatbot makes processing sick leave amazingly fast and spreads the workload.

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