Deliver business foresight through data

  • Objective decision making
  • Increased productivity
  • Process automation

Leverage your data as your biggest asset

Organizations that master data make smarter decisions. Whether it’s pricing strategies, inventory management, or marketing campaigns, data informs choices.

Like wind powering turbines, data powers business decisions, leading to better outcomes.

Luc Cogneau, Data Analytics Sales Account Executive


Internet of Things (IoT)

Data exchange by connecting machines, applications, and objects forms the foundation of a smart data policy.

  • Real-time management of your operations
  • Monitoring of your energy consumption
  • Effective use of drones for data collection or security
  • Enhanced quality of life for citizens in smart cities

Big Data & Analytics

Use location data or other data sources to gain objective insights into your activities.

  • Overview of the number of people present, their movements, and profiles in a given area during a specified period (real-time or not)
  • Interactive and user-friendly dashboard for quick data interpretation
  • Data from reports is anonymized and aggregated

AI for enterprises

AI is immensely powerful to optimize processes and unlock insights from vast data sets, ultimately driving efficiency and innovation.

  • E2E AI project management expertise
  • Centre of Excellence counting over 90 developers & data scientists
  • Unique training and discovery modules for multiple profile groups

Data-driven solutions

Optimizing data transfer creates value for your business. Our offering combines data integration, API management, and the design of native cloud applications.

  • Certified Microsoft experts for Digital & App Innovation, Data, and AI
  • Native solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Unique experience in machine learning & automation

Customer stories

"Thanks to gas level monitoring, we can organize our deliveries more efficiently. This saves us a lot of unnecessary trips."

Ingeborg Symons, PDG of Multigas

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"In smart cities, objective data is essential for policy development and assessment afterwards."

Anthony Wittesaele, Alderman of tourism, Knokke-Heist

"Azure IoT allows us to leverage all the benefits of the cloud, including faster deployment and scalability. We now collect more data in less time and with better traceability."

Damien Terrié, Digital Platforms Manager

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"Warehouse optimization was 67%. Thanks to AI, we can achieve a 30% increase."

Yanneck Adolphe, Head of Research and Development at Deltrian

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Crowd management in real time in Dendermonde

The local police in Dendermonde wanted to know, before the start of the Ros Beiaard pageant, how many people their town could safely accommodate. They analyzed Big Data in order to work this out.

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D-Hive: first drone network in port of Antwerp-Bruges

The Port of Antwerp-Bruges easily spots oil slicks and floating debris with its drones. Aerial surveillance handles issues like that much more efficiently. Using this example, the port also wants to inspire other companies to use drone services.

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Improving efficiency and reducing carbon emissions

Crude oil shipping company Euronav invested heavily in digital transformation, using a central platform fed by IoT data from vessels. The solution is used to gain insights, lower operational costs and decrease fuel consumption - and therefore the organization's carbon footprint.

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Questions about data?

The data comes from connections between mobile phone SIM cards and GSM antennas. The data is then aggregated and completely anonymized.

These data can be used to provide information about the number of passersby, sociodemographic profiles, concentration peaks, specific travel habits, etc.

There are two types of analysis:

  • Analyses based on historical data: these involve combinations of different data sources, profiles, temporal frequencies that provide insights into "origin-destination" movements.
  • Analyses based on point data: profiling is possible with a delay of 1 or 2 days (depending on the desired profile) due to the calculations to be performed on incoming data.

Starting with AI often involves collecting, labelling, and preparing data. Here’s how Proximus NXT can assist:

  • Data collection: the first step is to gather relevant data.
  • Data labelling and metadata organisation: we ensure data is properly labelled and metadata is collected.
  • Format preparation: data is prepared in the right format to ensure it’s relevant, complete, and sufficiently large.

If your data isn’t ready yet, we collaborate with you to bridge this gap. Our approach combines your domain knowledge with our technical expertise to create the right dataset for building AI models.

Proximus NXT and Codit are well-equipped to assist you on this journey. As a Microsoft gold partner, we specialize in building large-scale cloud solutions tailored to high-demanding data needs.

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ICT creates opportunities

Data plays a crucial role in decision-making throughout your digital transformation journey. A resilient ICT infrastructure forms the foundation. As a digital services provider, Proximus is the ideal partner to guide you in harnessing ICT to drive your business's continuous growth.