Data driven solutions

Together with Codit

  • Connect and integrate data, apps and things
  • Turn your data into value
  • Microsoft Azure cloud native solutions

The power of data

Data is one of your company's most under-recognized assets. Codit's data experts design, build and manage data driven cloud native solutions. They connect and aggregate data coming from apps, objects and systems, delivering unique and customised solutions. Codit is part of the Proximus Group.

What are data driven solutions from Codit?

Data driven solutions connect and aggregate data and turn it into value for your company. Think API-connected platforms, IoT, smart cities and buildings, machine learning, AI and much more. Codit delivers unique and customised solutions that works excusively with Microsoft Azure Cloud Native technologies and adhere to Microsoft Partner Pledge. This protocol focuses on sustainability, diversity, responsibility and ethics.

Codit data driven solutions

Codit experts give value to your data and are trained to work in co-creation on unique projects that help you realise your ambitions.

Data integration

Optimal data usage by connecting data and applications.

  • Simplify: simplify application management as customers run hundreds of systems, generating huge amount of data.
  • Improve efficiency: take decisions quicker and smarter by giving users the flexibility to use data from all sources.
  • Improve customer service: provide users with a complete picture of customer indicators, integrated in one view.

API management

Making applications open to others while ensuring security and version control.

  • Co-creation: make it easy and attractive for other parties to collaborate by integrating each other's technology via API's.
  • Secure: securing the shared information to make it accessible only to eligible consumers.
  • Get rid of manual: automation and scalability contribute to efficiency and error reduction.

Cloud native apps

Build and run responsive, scalable and secure applications from the cloud.

  • Speed: accelerate development of apps to fit business needs.
  • Future-proof: software must adapt to the fast-changing ecosystem.
  • Ease adoption: users are more likely to choose solutions that are modern and user-friendly.

IoT & Big Data

Data exchange by connecting machines, applications, and objects.

  • Better insights: data provides better insight into existing applications to generate more revenue.
  • Realtime data: collecting and analyzing data in real time allows for very rapid response.
  • Proactive: getting information before issues occur.

Machine learning & AI

Learn and adapt from historical data without explicit instructions and using algorithms.

  • Automate: AI performs frequent, high-volume and computerized tasks.
  • Add intelligence: automation and smart machines combined with big amounts of data to improve services.
  • Deep analysis: reduced risk of human error thanks to deep learning models.

Roadmap to success

Towards a data driven organisation with Codit, our experts guide you step by step

  1. Consulting

    Proximus experts and partners can help you to definition your vision and ambitions and define the right use cases.

  2. Design

    Codit will take care of the design of targeted (solution) architecture, platform structure, etc.

  3. Build

    Codit develops customised solution based on your needs.

  4. Run

    Codit provides maintenance and monitoring of your solutions.

Why choose Codit?

Codit is part of the Proximus Group and has outstanding expertise in data driven solutions. Codit delivers unique solutions developed specifically for your business. Our experts are Microsoft certified for Digital & App Innovation and Data & AI.

Satisfied customers

The power of prediction

ENGIE stays ahead of problems and its market

To reduce downtime and increase service levels for its expanding renewable energy offering, ENGIE leveraged scalable Microsoft Azure IoT. Now by adding the power of edge computing to its operations, ENGIE can better foresee issues and push forward innovation in its production of solar, wind, water and biogas energy across the globe.

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IoT connects vessels to shore

Improving efficiency and reducing carbon emissions

Crude oil shipping company Euronav invested heavily in digital transformation, using a central platform fed by IoT data from vessels. The solution is used to gain insights, lower operational costs and decrease fuel consumption - and therefore the organization's carbon footprint.

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It's all about scalability

Itsme®app increases business by transitioning to the cloud

A pioneer in digitalization, Belgian Mobile ID provides safe, streamlined, and smarter identity authentication through its one-of-a-kind itsme® application. To maintain its edge in a multi-faceted and mostly unchartered market, the company transitioned to the cloud as a feasible, future-proof solution to scale with new business prospects.

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