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Gartner reports that the EU aims for 75% of European businesses to adopt AI by 2030. Our 300 Data & AI experts can help you deploy AI in your business.

What's your objective with AI in your company?

What is artificial intelligence?

Navigating through AI, machine learning, deep learning, and gen AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an umbrella term that encapsulates a range of technologies. The bedrock of modern automation, AI encompasses algorithms designed to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence.

A significant branch of AI, powers systems to learn from data and improve over time without explicit programming, such as our smart routers learning from traffic patterns to optimize performance.

Within ML, Deep Learning stands out by using intricate neural networks to process data through layers of abstraction, mirroring the learning pattern of the human brain. This enables complex tasks like image and speech recognition.

A cutting-edge aspect of AI, Generative AI focuses on creating previously unseen data and content. By learning from existing datasets, it can generate innovative and functional designs, text, and solutions, showcasing the generative power nested within AI. The effectiveness of Generative AI hinges on the quality and breadth of the input data and careful training.

AI learning corner: videos, webinars & interviews

AI applications across sectors


  • Predictive maintenance: Predict equipment failures to minimize downtime.
  • Quality control: Identify defects in real-time using AI-driven vision systems.
  • Supply chain optimization: Optimize supply chains by forecasting demands.
  • Robotic automation: Enhance efficiency with AI-powered robotics.


  • Algorithmic trading: Make high-frequency trading decisions using AI.
  • Risk management: Evaluate risks quick and accurately with AI.
  • Customer insights: Gain deep customer insights through data analysis.
  • Fraud detection: Detect and prevent fraud in real-time.

Transport & Logistics

  • Traffic Management: Optimize traffic flow to reduce congestion.
  • Autonomous Vehicles: Develop self-driving cars and trucks.
  • Logistics: Improve efficiency in delivery and freight transport.
  • Infrastructure Maintenance: Predict infrastructure issues before they occur.


  • Diagnosis: Enhance the accuracy and speed of disease diagnosis.
  • Treatment: Personalize treatment plans based on patient data.
  • Research: Accelerate drug discovery and medical research.
  • Administration: Streamline hospital administration and reduce costs.


  • Inventory Management: Predict inventory needs and automate restocking.
  • Personalized Marketing: Tailor marketing efforts to individual customer preferences.
  • Pricing Optimization: Dynamically adjust prices based on demand, competition, and other factors.
  • Customer Service: Improve customer service with AI chatbots and personalized recommendations.
  • Fraud Detection: Identify and prevent fraudulent transactions.


  • Content Curation: Utilize AI to curate content based on viewer preferences and behavior.
  • Ad Optimization: Optimize ad placements and schedules for maximum impact.
  • Audience Analysis: Understand audience demographics and viewing habits to create targeted content.
  • Content Creation and Personalization: Deliver personalized content to readers based on their reading habits.
  • Social Media Management: Automate posting and create engagement on social media platforms.


  • Demand forecasting: Predict utility demand and adjust supplies dynamically.
  • Grid optimization: Optimize electrical grids for reliability and cost-efficiency.
  • Renewable energy integration: Integrate renewable energy sources smoothly using AI.
  • Smart meter analysis: Analyze smart meter data to optimize energy usage.


  • Traffic management: Optimize traffic flow and reduce congestion using AI.
  • Public safety: Enhance public safety with AI-driven surveillance.
  • Infrastructure monitoring: Monitor infrastructure condition and predict repairs.
  • Waste management: Improve waste management efficiency through AI route optimization.

Your start to AI: Discovery mission

Join our 5-day workshop and leave with a well-defined use case and a clear action plan to launch your first AI project.

Develop your AI solution: off-the-shelf tools vs customization

Adoption of existing tools

Refine your workflows with our pre-trained market-ready AI models, seamlessly integrated to your work environment.


  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Enhance employee experiences
  • Support staff with AI assistance

For who?

For companies seeking immediate AI integration, using standard solutions that do not require specific development.

Use case example

Consider Microsoft Office 365 Copilot, seamlessly integrated to augment daily tasks with AI, streamlining operations and driving productivity across the board.

Custom AI model development

Combine the strengths of advanced AI models with custom algorithms, using your data for personalized AI development.


  • Integrate in your specific tools & app
  • Ensure data security
  • Scale and adapt to your strategy

For who?

Enterprises requiring customized AI capabilities, focused on delivering specific value for achieving unique business goals.

Use case example

Proximus NXT used AI to boost their ERP system for stock management in the shops. The number of processed references increased from 200 to over 800, saving considerable time.

AI consulting: create your own AI hub

4 training programs

With our comprehensive training courses, strengthen your in-house expertise and build robust IA governance within your organization.

Advanced AI Literacy

Enhance your understanding of AI concepts, algorithms, and applications. Dive into topics like machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing.

Prompt Engineering

Learn the art of crafting effective prompts for AI models. Discover techniques to generate high-quality, context-aware queries that yield accurate and relevant responses.

Executive AI Training

Tailored for business leaders and decision-makers, this module provides insights into AI strategy, adoption, and impact. Understand how AI can drive organizational growth, innovation, and efficiency.

Analytics Translation

Bridge the gap between data and actionable insights. Explore data visualization, statistical analysis, and data storytelling. Learn to communicate complex analytics findings to diverse audiences.

No AI without Data

In the realm of AI, data is the cornerstone of every project. The availability, quality, structure, interoperability, and integration of data are critical factors that determine the success of an AI initiative. Without these, even the most sophisticated AI models would fail to deliver accurate and reliable results.

Why choose Proximus NXT

200 AI-Data enablers

Our 200 specialists from Codit, a Proximus NXT’s affiliate, ensure your data is ready for AI, making it accessible, understandable, and primed for use by migrating and structuring data effectively for AI applications.

100 AI experts & developers

Proximus ADA has 100 AI and cybersecurity developers and experts building sophisticated AI algorithms. This single competence center ensures top-tier AI and cybersecurity expertise is applied to all use cases.

130+ AI Use Cases

We have explored more than 130 use cases with IA in-house, offering a rich repository of models. From customer service enhancements to inventory forecasting, these models can be reused, duplicated, adapted and are ready to be tailored to your needs.

E2E AI journey

Our unique value proposition addresses every facet of an AI project, delivering a comprehensive, end-to-end implementation and managed services approach unlike any other in the market.

Cybersecurity & cloud excellence

Embedding cybersecurity by design, we guarantee the protection of your data and the security of AI algorithms, ensuring a safe, reliable foundation for your AI initiatives.

Success stories: AI at the service of businesses

"Thanks to AI, our FAQ system quickly learns common mistakes, synonyms, and anticipates customer intentions."

Christine Cubat, Product & Solutions Analyst at Proximus

"The benefits of the project are threefold: less excess stock, fewer stock-outs and an optimized workload."

Bernard Löwenthal, Devices Team Manager at Proximus

The Proximus Assistant is here to answer all questions from residential customers. Implemented via chat on the website and by phone at the Proximus support number, the assistant easily understands users, is simple to use, and available 24/7, thus providing a positive experience to our customers.

"There were inventory deviations of up to 12%. AI reduced them to 0.5%."

Yanneck Adolphe, Head of Research and Development at Deltrian

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