Be prepared for the digital future. That future starts today.

Published on 07/08/2021 in Sectors

As a public service, one of your main tasks is to communicate with citizens...

Be prepared for the digital future. That future starts today.

Good and smooth service is key in this regard.

How can you improve your communication with the residents of your town or city? With the people in your police zone? How can you simplify and automate your processes? And how do you make sure they're accessible to everyone?

Digitisation is a decisive step in all these applications. A step you do not have to take alone. We can help you prepare for the digital future of the government. That future starts today.

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Customer stories

Application Performance Monitoring enhances the MyPension user experience

The success of digital services depends on applications that run smoothly. The Belgian Federal Retirement Service embraces Application Performance Monitoring to keep its application performance – and user experience by proxy – shipshape.

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Flemish Environmental Agency: "Flawless conversion of smartphone fleet"

When the Flemish Environmental Agency decided to renew a fleet of more than eight hundred smartphones, Proximus Mobile Managed Services offered the perfect solution. Mobitel, our partner, was responsible for taking care of everything.

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FPS Justice accelerates digitalization

Despite the fact that the technology was available, there was very little appetite for videoconferencing at FPS Justice before the Corona crisis. Now, the pandemic has smoothed the way for much more extensive use, not just of video but of digital tools in general.

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Solutions for digital government

E-counter: digitisation and automation

Create an e-administration that focuses on more accessible services and optimal internal functioning. Use technology to strengthen the connections between citizens and their institutions.

A comprehensive API toolbox, which is filled with Application Program Interfaces, will make your digital transformation so much easier. You can also develop a user-friendly e-counter with modern voice and SMS applications or other forms of A.I.

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Interaction with citizens and businesses

To inform citizens and businesses correctly and quickly, presence on the media they use is a must. With #interact, you can manage all digital interactions via social media from one place. Combined with chat bots and voice bots, your communication with citizens goes even faster and smoother.

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Monitoring and analysis of Big Data with Proximus Analytics

We connect location data and other data to an analysis tool that allows you, the government, to monitor zones at different times and cleverly use the information in the future.

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Connectivity and network

Having the best and safest connections, superfast fibre internet, Belgium's first 5G network and intelligent business networks, we are an obvious government partner.

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Welcoming citizens

As a government institution, you sometimes have to get a message across quickly to a large or targeted audience. The visibility of our digital signage solutions allows you to do so cheaply, effectively and flexibly.

Offer your visitors a secure and free Internet connection and guide them through buildings using indoor navigation.

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Smart buildings, green solutions, automatic energy use.

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Working at home in a reliable way, office monitoring and data surveillance.

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