Optimal coverage in your office

Calling and texting via wifi

Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi)

With Proximus you have an excellent network at your disposal, yet in some places the coverage is just a little less good. Thick concrete walls and insulation then block the signal. With VoWiFi you can make and receive calls and, of course, text messages via the Wi-Fi network.

All you need is a compatible smartphone; activate VoWiFi and you are connected to the WiFi network in the office or at home throughout Belgium.

No extra costs

There are no extra costs involved in calling or sending text messages via VoWiFi. They are billed as a normal call. This also applies to calls and text messages made abroad.

  • If mobile coverage is good, you use the normal LTE (VoLTE) network, but if it is too weak, your device switches seamlessly to VoWiFi and the call continues.
  • VoWiFi from Proximus is suitable for emergency calls.
  • A good VoWiFi experience requires a WiFi network that supports the right standards, read all about this in the FAQs.

Mobile Indoor Coverage

Are your phones not all VoWiFi compatible yet, or is the WiFi network not available everywhere and for everyone? Then choose one of our Mobile Indoor Coverage solutions to have sufficient coverage everywhere.

  • We support, among others, 4G, 5G, Astrid (for the emergency services), multi-operator Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Guidance by a team of specialists
  • One and the same partner for telephony, Internet, fixed and mobile, mobile coverage and Wi-Fi

Customer story


Agristo (potato exporter) reinforces the mobile signal in their new building with an indoor coverage solution. The mobile signal comes in through fiber and is then distributed via smaller antennas.