Free Wi-Fi for your visitors

  • Advertising opportunities during surfing session
  • Wifi network is separated from your own network
  • Improved insights about your visitors

Enterprise Guest Wi-Fi

For your customers, Enterprise Guest Wi-Fi is an additional service. You yourself can use it as a marketing channel for e-commerce and social media. Customers easily log in without a password, they simply use the Wi-Fi network via their cell phone number.

Adults and violent pages are of course blocked. Enterprise Guest Wi-Fi is secure and GDPR approved.

Super easy to use

Customer interaction is more important than ever

  • Compatible with all Proximus internet connectivity
  • Based on Meraki, CISCO, HUAWEI, HP Aruba wifi access points
  • Professional setup of your wifi pages in collaboration with our partner Spear-IT
  • Personalize your wifi pages: logo, photo background, social media links

Visitor profiles

We offer you a dashboard so you can find out which visitor profiles have surfed on your network, without naming them individually.

You receive information about:

  • Visited pages
  • Customer profiles (male, female, age, place of residence, etc.)
  • Number of surfers on your network
  • New and existing users
Better visitor insight