Sovereign cloud for companies

  • Highest level of security for your data
  • Your data stays in Belgium

Sensitive data maximally secured in the cloud

The sovereign cloud combines the best of 2 worlds: the functionalities, flexibility and scalability of the public cloud, and the highest possible security in compliance with strict European privacy and data legislation.

What's the sovereign cloud?

Cloud computing offers businesses many advantages. Many CIOs are still reluctant to use the cloud extensively, as they are committed to ensuring data security and retaining a degree of operational and technological autonomy regarding suppliers. This is what we call sovereignty in the cloud. Thanks to Proximus' sovereign solutions, it's now possible to obtain the guarantee that no third party, including US technology providers, can access data…

Sovereign cloud and data classification

Companies today are dealing with sensitive data and they are limited to private data centers due to GDPR. The problem with private data centers is that they're lagging behind innovation compared to the hyper-scale cloud. But now it's possible to use cloud computing solutions in a new way that enables GDPR compliance and ensures your data stays safe. You can now select the best environment depending on the level of security and privacy you need for your own data. We use data classification for this.

What are the different types of sovereign cloud?

How can you use the cloud while ensuring that data remains protected from third parties, and limiting dependence on suppliers? The sovereign cloud is the answer. Did you know that cloud sovereignty is made up of 3 elements? Data sovereignty, operational sovereignty and technological sovereignty...

What is the sovereign cloud?

The sovereign cloud is part of Proximus Cloud Fusion, the platform where you manage your hybrid cloud solutions. Thanks to the strongest possible encryption, the sovereign cloud complies with strict European legislation. So you enjoy the highest level of security.

In the sovereign cloud, your business-critical data remain in Belgium and cannot be accessible from abroad.

If you want to know which cloud environment suits you best:

Why choose Proximus as your partner?

Proximus has different levels of sovereignty.

We have complementary partnerships with Microsoft and Google to offer a sovereign cloud solution for your specific needs to protect sensitive data.

More info about the sovereign cloud?

Cybersecurity, geopolitical issues, and competitive advantage... Our experts address all the dimensions of the sovereign cloud.

Migration to the sovereign cloud

With several services ranging from advice to implementation and management, we help you create a cloud strategy tailored to your business, optimally secure your data and applications in the right cloud environment and bring your transition to the sovereign cloud to a successful conclusion.

Want to know more about the cloud?

Switching to the cloud can be complex. Our experts in cloud, data and cybersecurity will be happy to support you in this journey.