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Frequently asked questions about Flex


Simply order your Flex pack and we'll convert your current products automatically. Depending on the composition of your current pack, you will be able to order directly via the web or we will contact you via our customer services.

If you benefit from a joint offer (mobile subscription + smartphone), you keep your promotion (the conditions and number of products remain the same). Some promotions (but not all) are compatible with Flex. Don't hesitate to call us on 0800 55 800 or visit one of our Proximus Centers or stores to find out if you can keep your promotion.

It's possible! All options are compatible with the old and new packs. Each extra option will be offered at catalog price based on your type of pack.

Switching over is very simple; you can even keep your mobile number(s). Order your Flex pack and we'll check immediately whether a technician will need to drop by your home; the installation is completely free of charge. Don't forget to write a letter of termination for your current products.

Why switch to Proximus?

No, it's completely free of charge! The installation and activation are included; this is a saving of €59!

During the product configuration, you can choose the installation date yourself. The installation date depends on your selected products, the products you already have and the availability of our technicians. Expect and average waiting time of about 14 calendar days.

More info on the installation of Internet and TV


You already have a mobile phone number with Proximus

You will be able to transfer your mobile phone numbers. Place your Flex order and we will call you back to finalize everything.

You already have a mobile phone number with another operator

You will be able to transfer your mobile phone numbers , follow these steps:

  1. Compose your Flex, add a mobile subscription for every mobile phone number you want to keep (e.g.: if you currently have 2 mobile phone numbers you’ll need to add 2 mobile subscriptions to your Flex).
  2. Once you have ordered your Flex pack you can start the product configuration. Choose your current operator from the list and the mobile phone number you would like to transfer.
  3. If you have a prepaid subscription with another operator you will have to provide the SIM card number. If you have a mobile subscription with another operator you will only need to provide your customer account number.

Simply recompose your current Flex pack with the additional mobile subscription you want to add. During the product configuration, the additional mobile subscription will be added to your current Flex pack.

For the casual smartphone user we recommend the subscription Mobile Flex with 5 GB. You will have more than enough data to surf on the web and on social media.
Do you stream a lot of music (Spotify), video (YouTube) and surf almost every day? The Mobile Flex+ with 15 GB will be ideal for you.
For the real smartphone addicts who stream video’s every day over 4G/5G, you can choose one of our 3 “Unlimited” subscriptions, perfect to cover all your needs!

Do you want to call or surf with your smartphone abroad? Find your roaming rate thanks to our quick and easy-to-use tool.

No, the mobile data is valid for only one mobile subscription.

A standard mobile subscription allows you to call, text and surf freely in Belgium and the European Union. If you make use of special paying services or when travelling outside the EU, you have the option of exceeding your monthly bundle. You will then be billed at the applicable out-of-bundle rate. You can track your usage via MyProximus and through SMS notifications.

With FullControl, you retain full control over your budget as you cannot exceed your monthly bundle. With a FullControl subscription, services for which an additional cost is charged are blocked. Think of marketing numbers (0900,…), paid international calls, roaming (outside the EU) and paid third party services. If you have used up your data bundle, you will not be blocked, but you will be able to continue surfing free of charge, at a reduced speed. I you want to continue surfing at full speed, it is possible to purchase a data boost option via MyProximus. Full Control is only available with Mobile Flex and Mobile Flex+


The first decoder is always included in your Flex pack. Want to add an additional decoder? Then simply order your pack and during the product configuration you'll have the option of adding up to two extra decoders. You pay just €6/month for each additional decoder.

Already a Flex customer? You can order additional decoders here.

You can add a TV option via MyProximus or choose and order your option here. You can also add a TV option via the decoder.

Changing or removing a TV option is possible only via MyProximus. In a Flex pack, you can change your TV option twice a year.

Thanks to the Proximus Pickx app, you can set up or cancel a recording no matter where you are and whenever you want.

This is now a super-fast process. We've put together all the steps for you so you can get started right away!

Smartphone with subscription

If you order a Flex pack with a smartphone via the website, your new phone will be delivered to your home address free of charge. You can choose the delivery date when you order (max. 30 days after the installation of the Internet). This date must be at least four working days later than the order date.

No, this is not possible. The device will be automatically delivered to the installation address of your Proximus products.

Yes, it is important that you are at home to take delivery of your device and to sign the delivery note. If you are unable to be present, you can give a proxy to someone. You will find a proxy document on Please also give this person a copy of your identity card.

If you order a Flex pack with a smartphone via the website, the price of your phone will be added to your next Proximus bill. You do not, therefore, have to pay on delivery at your home.

If you experience any problems with mobile Internet, it's very easy to configure your smartphone with our online tool.


You can find the amortisation table for the end of year period 2020 here.

You can find the amortisation table for the May-June period 2021 here.

You can find the amortisation table for the end of year period 2021 here.


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