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1 platform for live TV, streaming and VOD

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Frequently asked questions

Pickx is the Proximus digital TV platform.

What is included in the basic package?

  • The rental of a TV decoder for your home
  • Watch more than +/- 80 channels
  • Programmes are grouped under various thematic headings and you also receive personal recommendations
  • Access digital functions such as an extensive TV guide, pausing and recording or watching programmes in Replay and much more...
  • On the move a lot? With the free Pickx app or via the Pickx website you can watch on all your screens wherever you are in the EU.

More information on our support page

No, you don’t have to pay anything extra for the basic Pickx package. Pickx is included in the price of your Pack if you have chosen a Pack with TV subscription.

If you want even more sport or entertainment, you can choose a TV option (Pickx Mix, Pickx All Stars, Pickx Sports...) for an extra monthly fee.

With Pickx, you have automatic access to around 80 national & international channels. The available channels depend on the region where you live.

More info on the channels available in my region

If you are often on the go, it is convenient to have your favorite programs on hand.

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The Terms and Conditions and Pricelist & tariffs apply.

Proximus Pickx tv-interface is available on all type of decoders except the V4-decoder. The TV customers can also access the tv-content with exception of Partner offers, via Proximus Pickx app or proximuspickx.be. The TV content shown in the video is only for illustrative & educational purposes.

Which Proximus Pickx options are available?

Proximus Pickx, the digital TV that lets you watch whatever you like, wherever and whenever you like, offers you a wide range of TV Options to enhance your TV experience.

Pickx Mix Pickx+ Netflix Movies&Series Pickx Sports BeTV Streamz Studio 100 Go Pass Adult TV Replay+
Price One month for free
12.99 /month
3 months free trial then
4.99 /month
From €8.99/month available in Pickx All Stars and Pickx All Stars & Sports One month for free
18.99 /month
instead of €24.99 14.99 /month One month for free
As from €11.95/month
One month for free
5.95 /month
One month for free
19.95 /month
One month for free
8 /month
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