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All Sports

In sport anything is possible.


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Fiction, sport, passion: your greatest emotions on your exclusive TV channel.

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All Stars

The stars of the small and the big screen have their subscription

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| | Family | Movies & Series with Pickx+

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Sportsfan and also fond of movies and series?

Go for All Stars & Sports

What's included?
| | Family | All Sports | Movies & Series with Pickx+

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Studio 100 GO Pass

An app & TV content.

Be tv

The best of new series, movies and much more.

Frequently asked questions

No. You need to order a pack with TV to have access to the Pickx interface and to be able to order TV options.

You can cancel a TV option whenever you want during the free trial period via MyProximus, MyProximus app or via TV.

Via Tv:

  • Press menu Go down to Shop > Activer une option (in French) or Activeer een optie (in Dutch).
  • Select the option of your choice.
  • Select "Résilier ce bonus TV" (in French) or "Deze tv-bundel stopzetten" (in Dutch)

When you've started to pay for the tv-option, you can deactivate your paying option via MyProximus or via MyProximus app (not via TV).

More info

No problem, this can be done with TV Replay & TV Replay+.

Maybe you can find your answers in one of these pages: Android TV decoder, Apple TV or Wi-Fi Booster.

The TV options of our partners are supplementary TV options reserved for customers of the basic TV offer. TV offer is available in a Pack with a landline starting from €43.99/month.

Try one month: 1 TV option for free trial during 1 month : personal offer valid from 23/04/2019 until 30/06/2022. 1 single time for every residential TV subscriber that subscribes to a new tv bundle free of choice in an exclusive list. After the first month the option becomes paying and is prolonged for indefinite term. You can unsubscribe from the option at any time free of charge. Cannot be combined with other actions or promotions. Proximus reserves itself the right to extend or stop the promotion earlier.

What are the Proximus TV options?

Promotion: Enjoy a FREE trial month of the Proximus TV option of your choice

TV option Extra info price/month 1 month free trial
Family €10.99
All Sports €16.99
Netflix Basic/1 screen €7.99
Netflix Standard/2 screens €11.99
Netflix Premium/4 screens €15.99
Be tv Promo €14.99
Adult €19.95
Studio 100 Go Pass €5.95
TV Replay + €5
VRT Net gemist €5.95
All Stars instead of €29.99 24.99 /month
All Stars & Sports instead of €39.99 34.99 /month

To optimize your TV experience Proximus offers various TV options:

  • Family
    More than 30 entertaining channels catering to all the members of your family.
  • All Sports
    The Proximus All Sports TV Option and its very numerous channels dedicated to a wide variety of sports (Football, Basket, Hockey, Cycling, Tennis, Formula 1, …) is there for anyone who doesn't want to miss their favourite sports and competitions.
  • Netflix
    Watch the original Netflix series and films whenever and wherever you like! Something for all the film buffs among you.
  • Be tv
    The Proximus Be Tv Option enriches your TV experience with 6 additional channels.
  • Studio 100 Go Pass
    The Studio 100 Go Pass and its many heroes, clips and interactive games are the TV Option for anyone who wants to please the youngest members of the family.
  • Adult
    Enjoy eroticism and X to the max with the Proximus Adult TV Option. 
  • TV Replay
    Use the TV Replay Option and don't miss you favourite programmes!
  • VRT Net gemist : All programs of the VRT (Eén, Canvas and Ketnet) of the past 7 days can be (re)viewed unlimitedly.
  • All Stars: Netflix, Disney+, thematic channels and plenty of movies and series on demand in a single subscription: All Stars. 4 TV options in one for €29.99 /month.
  • All Stars & Sports: All of our sports competitions combined with Netflix, Disney+, thematic channels, and movies and series on demand in a single subscription. For only €39.99/month.